March 02, 2011

Foam Madness!

In a vain effort to keep my new army all in one piece. I thought it would be wise to finally breakdown and get one of those fancy-pants miniature cases.  Deep down inside, I must completely admit this was a most frivolous expense, but damn... does it look slick.

I was so very tired of carrying around all my stuff in plain old boxes. I put allot work into these projects and it's worth some money to protect them. This has never really been a issue before now. I play most of my games at home, but this spring, I'm going to stretch my legs a bit and check out the local scene again.

I got the thickest trays they had in stock, but the sails on the Raiders are just too tall. I should just magnetize them now in order to save myself some grief in the future. My only true regret is getting the trays that you have to cut out. I lost a good hour or two of good painting time repeatedly cutting out foam squares.

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