November 29, 2010

More Dark Eldar Warriors

These guys are in the final stages. Just some touch-ups and some static grass for the bases.  I've been playing around with a 1k. list over the past few days, just to see what it would look like on paper. The list is  three raider carrying two units of warriors and one Wych unit.

After the war-gear, those three units total near 700 points. That leaves room for a Ravager and whatever Commander I finally decide to take. I'm a torn between the inexpensive Succubus or the Homunculus. Both are great choices and that's what is making it hard to settle on one.  Next time I'll post up my list after a little more math.

November 24, 2010

Dark Eldar Warrior Test model pt.2

I'm back with just a small update. Impressed by the Wych models, I couldn't help myself and had to grab a box a Warriors. If the paint scheme seems a bit familiar it should. I stole it right from the old Codex. Just flip over to the very back cover.

After painting this model, I must admit, its incredible tempting to paint up a 1k. army. The models are sweet and the book looks like lots of  fun. The chance to make some cool Webway Portals is almost enough reason to start up an army.

November 23, 2010

How to play warhammer correctly.

  • Paint your models
  • Use a legal army
  • Play by the rules
  • Have fun
  • Play to win.

If rule 4 feels like it's being broken by rule 5 remember you got rule 1-3 right and you're playing a game.

November 21, 2010

More Skaven models completed

Being resourceful (?) with my droid.. Lazy pic style. I'd like to point out that these models are out of control for plastics. Sometimes I look back and think 'back in the day they used to make something this big out of metal... or not at all'. Then I usually change the subject in my brain bc I feel very old for 25 lol

November 20, 2010

Dark Eldar test minis

Howdy gang, its been a whiles since I have made an update on the old blog here. Mostly for the reason, that my computer died out and that allways impacts a persons Internet usage. So, I managed to pirate a machine to bring you a quick update. I recently bought a box a Wychs just for fun. These guys are the result. No plans right now for an army. I was just messing around with different paint schemes and enjoying these awesome minis.

If the pictures look a little sharper then usual... That's thanks to Zealot letting me borrow his cool light box and uber lighting set-up. Hopefully, I'll get this computer thing figured out and I can get back to regular updates.

November 10, 2010

Constructing Skaven (new shelf pics)

I got a shelf. I've played 40k for 9 years and I don' t think I've ever had one lol. New Skaven in first pic and the lower shelves in the other. I still own my Wood Elves. If anyone is interested shoot me an email or something. I'm done with Ebay.

edit: pics seem a bit grainy. hmmm