June 30, 2010

Mordheim rebuilt pt. 5

It took most of a day, but everything is Red now. In the end, I used up over 5 cans of spray paint, just to lay down the base coat on all the buildings. So begins, the long task of picking out all the details on each of the ruins. I wonder how long that will take?

Here is a little bit of what I've gotten done so far...

June 28, 2010

Mordheim rebuilt pt. 4

The test building... not much to say really. It's red, and it took longer then I thought. For the most part, I'm pretty happy with, but man... is this going to take awhile. I'm hopefully get the all the paint I need tomorrow, and motivation to bring this project to a close.

My many thanks, to all the random persons for leaving comments on my past few posts, feedback is always cool.

June 26, 2010

Mordheim rebuilt pt. 3

One last tour through the maze of Mordhiem before I try to get this mess all painted up. It ended up being 11 total buildings. I also made up more of the bridges too. There are still a few of the actual bits left, and I probably should leave them in case of a future construction.

I'm not sure, if I should decorate them with random bitz now, or until after the first couple of layers of paint are down. I'm not sure even what color to make the buildings yet. I've always taken a liking to this deep red on one of my 40k building.

Overall, for the cost of $30, a week's worth of spare time, and some old broken buildings, the project turn out better then I thought it would. Sometime real soon, I should start thinking about what War-band I want to paint up for this board.

June 24, 2010

Mordheim rebuilt pt. 2

Here's just a few more pictures of the slowly growing ruins of Mordheim. I'm up to 9 buildings now, but  starting to run low on the basic materials. It's no biggie, cause I've got a few  little side projects in mind for our fair city. Enjoy...

I've only built two bridges at the moment, but plan on making some more.

Here is a little over-head view of the city so far.

June 23, 2010

Mordheim rebuilt pt. 1

I went to the local craft store, to pick up some foam-card to make up my buildings, and terrain for all the little mini-minis, that I have been painting.  At least that was the plan. When I got everything organized and ready for construction.... I made a mistake. I got distracted for a brief moment, and now I'm knee deep in a project that crept up from nowhere. Here's just a tiny peak at what happens, when the best of ideas get out of hand.

June 13, 2010

"Epic" Resurrection pt.6

Well, this is the best one out of the lot. This Titian is so freaking red, it makes my camera cry. In the next day or so I should be able to put some pictures of the imperial side of things. This half of the project was allot less work, and for the most part is completely done. I guess it's time to make of some blast markers, terrain, and sometime soon, maybe even play a game.

One a side note: I did not get the chance to snap up any pictures of my Warhammer game against the hungry, hungry Ogres. The Horde chewed up the Lizards so fast, that I forgot to take some. Ah well.... you have that sometimes.

June 11, 2010

"Epic" Resurrection pt.5

Well, I manage to snap a few army pics that I'd like to share real quick. The Ork half is all done, and I've been work on the imperial side on and off.

After that I'm going to have to figure out something for terrain. The warp must of eaten most of the buildings over the years. Sadly, only two remain. However, I must be honest and say that I'm kinda looking forward to this part of the project. It's just a matter of getting started.

The Lizard men are battling the Ogre Horde again tomorrow, so I'll try to snap a few pictures.

June 08, 2010

Warhammer and Half

 Mr. Dan went got himself a huge ole’ army of hungry, hungry Ogres. Naturally, Mr. Dan wants to field his new toys, but he has never played Warhammer before. So, to learn the rules for 7th edition right now would be rather silly.

Instead, I dug up some of the major changes to new edition, and integrated them into the current rule set. Lots of stuff works different according to the rumors, so I kept it simple and just worked in the new 2d6 charge+move, striking at initiative, extra ranks/attacks, and +1 ScR. for charging. We also tried out the new fear/terror rules, but they didn’t have much effect on the game. Lizard folk are cold-blooded...'ya know.  

Just some random thoughts:

Depth of field.
I'm not sure, that I can properly express how the table feels now. That 24" between armies is not what it used to be. The long walk across the board for most units has turn into a very shallow battlefield. My normal plan of “March everything” would have put my units inside the new threat range from the starting line. After the 1st turns had passed the possibilities for a charge was everywhere. All you needed is some lucky dice to get the big jump. Some of the more shooty armies are going to lose a round of fire, but it’s rumored that they get to fire in 2 ranks, so maybe it will balance out.

Random Charges.
Well, I can tell you it sucks to roll “double 1” for your charge roll. What would have been a normally been a charge for my Stegga-hero fell short thanks to the dice. This left him open to a counter-charge the next round, and being chased around the rest of the game. I can’t say how I really feel about the subject  yet, as we’re using some hybrid-rules and having a friendly game.  

Dice were flying everywhere and it made combat very bloody. It felt like more the unit was participating in the fight. More attacks, mean more wounds, but you have to remember this a game of chance. Dice will still roll crappy no matter how many you roll. We had a few tied combats settled by the musicians and roll offs. My warrior are slow, so very slow. I may as well get comfortable to the idea of always striking last.

Mr. Dan said he had a good time, and for a 1st game that's a must. I’m just amazed to see how just a few changes made the game feel entirely different.

June 05, 2010

"Epic" Resurrection Pt. 3

We now bring you the "dead stompy" segment of the show.  These two fatt boyz round out the war machine portion of the massive Ork Horde. Very sadly, bringing this half of the project to an end. I tallied up the army the other day, and the entire horde weighs in at a healthy 3,000 points. I still have a detachments or two to show off in the near future. It's just the matter of getting the pictures to turn out half decent.

Now it's time to paint this guy!

June 04, 2010

Warhammer Whining

Let’s see... the pictures of the Orky War-machines turned out rather poorly. So, I’m going to give it a second try latter on today.  Instead, I will use the Internet for it’s most divine and true purpose... to complain. Here’s my list for Warhammer the 8th Edition.

Where’s the “news” on the new starter set?
It may be my memory failing once again, but I swear, we had more concrete info when 40k was switching over.  We have all sorts of rumors, but  GW. is still holding out! Is there even a release date for the box? Where are my pictures of cool new minis?

As it stands, my two present armies are curse words in certain circles. I’d like to start a third one, so I can play a game with-out getting flack. Here's to hoping, that one of factions will be opponent friendly.

Where are my leaked rules?
This is what’s going to hurt 8th the most by chasing away old players. It is my opinion, that the leaked PDF for 40k 5th edition, gave everyone a long adjustment period to the new system. This time let everyone get comfortable with the new changes and kept the general interest during  the transition.

This time, all we have is rumors... solid ones, but the past few months of uncertainty  hurts the game. We should all be playing 7.5 right now, and trumpeting up momentum for the new edition.

Karl Franz doesn’t like waffles?!?!
I don't know if that is true or not, but it's fun to say.

That’s all I got. I’m looking  forward to the new edition, but I really do believe that they could have gone about it in a better fashion. If they want to copy the success of 40k? Games Workshop should  follow the same pattern that helped the game succeed.

June 02, 2010

"Epic" Resurrection Pt.2

Hi....Every body!

The restoration continues... as Yarggh's Rokkit boyz speed on the table with some brand new paint. They're all ready to tear up the board and put some dakka to good use. After working on those tiny infantry units, switching over to a bunch of tanks was a welcomed change. I gave them all a quick dry brush and a generous helping of wash. I did try to put some tiny flames on the sides of a few tanks, but that got old really quick.

Out of the Two armour detacthments in the Waaggh, this one is the largest.
This mobile mob would make any Speed Freak green with envy.

Next in line...Baby Gargant.

June 01, 2010

"Epic" Resurrection

Hi.... everybody!

I got myself into a “little” project over the past week or two. So, I’d thought it be cool to post up some pictures of what I have been toiling over. Please understand, that I’m not painting this all up from scratch. This is just a kind of repair/refit and touch-up project. Most of this stuff was painted well over ten years ago, when the 3rd edition of the game was introduced.

Here for inaugural post is Zap-Nut’s War-band. This detachments is only foot slogging element in the whole Wagggh. For what it lack’s in mobility, it makes up for in ranged firepower. It’s a real Hodge-podge of different units, but it looks like a Ork horde.

The tiny boar boys are just too cool!

The only real tip I can give out is when painting tiny mini-minis is to keep the paint  thin.
Let me repeat myself, cause it will help you remember.
Very, very, thin.

Next time... Yarrgh’s Rokkit boyz!