March 09, 2011

Warhammer 40k Battlescape

Well, after a weekend of paint work the Battlescape is complete. Something about a wreaked out Rhino, just appeals to the old Xenos player in me. I tried to keep the paint job as natural as possible that way it would blend on the table. The Rhino is painted up as a defunct Space Marine Chapter.(Really, just any old excuse to use Rotting Flesh and Devlan Mud.) I also used a little bit of static grass to cover up any major gaps between the trees and the base and I might add some more later on. 

I only a few comments on this kit... the mold lines on the trees too forevermore and day to scrap off. After all the effort it took to get them cleaned up, I still missed one or two. The kit has just the right amount of detail on it, but not a single bullet casing to be found. Not that big of deal, but I just found that a bit odd.

Hmm... Grey Knights...

1. The Dread Knight is just preview of how smooth a some New Tau Battle-suits might be...

2. Games Workshop is marketing genius to cram 4 different squad lay-outs into the power armor set.

Get yer' wallets ready!


zealot said...


You did the rhino the same color as the GK's we want to do lol

Looks amazing - nice moss!

Larry said...

After looking at the pictures, it could use some more static grass, there is huge gap on one of the trees.