March 28, 2011

City of Death Repaint Pt.3

It’s been a rather quiet week around the painting table.  Outside powers conspire to steal away my hobby time, but I still managed to finish off these two buildings.  That only leaves me two more to go.  Then this little vanity project can come to a close. 

I may end up building one kit, but I’m a little torn. I just don’t have the motivation to paint up more right now. I’d hate build it and then give it a half-a$$ed paint job. It would look some what out of place after all the time that’s been sunk into the other structures. Plus, I couldn’t just build one. That would give me an even number of buildings for the table. I don’t know why in the world that bothers me, but it does. Call me a bit odd, I guess.

So, if everything goes according to plan, I’ll finish this all up over the next week and we can move onto something more interesting.

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