February 28, 2011

Dark Eldar Ravager Painted

I had some free time over the weekend and I had already assembled the model. So, I proceed to set my paint brushes on "Insane". 4 hours later.... we have Ze' painted Ravager. Instead of gluing everything down on the last one. I left it in separate components and that made the job go allot quicker. It also helped, that this was the 6th Raider chassis I've painted for the army. So, I guess a little repetition is a good thing sometimes.

However, this is the last thing I'm painting for the army until the next wave. As it stands, the army is sitting a 1.5k. and I don't see the point of expanding it any further. Ya' know what would be really keen right about now?  A few Venoms or a evil airplane, but all that is going to have to wait until the summer. (Lousy G.W.)

Anyways, do not fear, the painting madness will continue. I've been thinking some terrain kits are in order. I need to spruce up my 40k table a bit. Oh, and I changed my blog template, I wanted to test my patience and inexperience with the HTML code. Not everything is the way it should be yet, but I'm learning and that's kinda the point.


noeste said...

Sweet template, I really like it!

Sorry for not commenting regularly on your work, but I'm just getting back to the whole blogging thing..

Nice to see some colour on those Dark Eldar - I don't know much about the 40k universe and lore, but it's dark enough, and a lot of detail truly come to life, when you go for some lighter colours, even if they might be untraditional.

Larry said...

Thank your for the kind words my friend, I'm just happy to see one of my favorite blogs back up and running.