April 27, 2009

From the depths we come...

While i have taken a break from post'n... the work never stops around here. I think the monster/Fate Weaver needs one more set of smaller tendrils to be finished, plus a little wok on it's back side. Next in the "hrud warrior." Have 9 more like him and need to build 10 more plus 1 "changling" to wrap up all the troops for the army.

Big question is... do i build the army to 1,500 or 1,750 and call it quits. Time to bust out the 'Dex.

April 18, 2009

Green stuff....

Small update... finished fillin all the gaps on my Warp Snakes and was able to start the base coat on the unit. At the same time I have started work on the count-as Fate Weaver and the next set of Flamers. Pics to Follow...

April 17, 2009

Keep Working...

Well I have not had the chance to sit down an give the Hrud a good ole' marathon session yet. I have been slowly finishing the "putty" on Warp Snakes and started the work yet to be named Xenos. Just a little everyday will keep any project moving,

April 15, 2009

Game on...

I must apologize for my lack of posts, but over the past few days it has been slow going on the model front. Instead however, had the wonderful opportunity to play this game of 40k. My long time opponent know as Zealot (inter-web handle) has returned from a long time in the warp to bring back... Orks? Z's army is just top notch. Caching all the great detail that makes Orks 100% awesome! The yellow/black scheme is bold to say the least... and really stands out on the table. The army is not quite done yet. When it is... I'll try to do a proper write-up.

Not much to say about the battle then the Eldar just snuck in the win. With some great dice rolls in jammy moments.... The Avatar kills the War-boss outright in mass combat.... While the Wraith-Lord pops and explodes the Battle Wagon taking a few Loota's and Boys with it! I must admit there was little I could do to contain the Green Horde.

My Warp spiders and Dire Avenger were seen off in short order by the Koppta's with a little support from the Shoota's. My Avatar is destroyed and only 4 guardians live to claim the objective in my deployment zone. After being saved by the Scorpions. Meanwhile the Wave Serpent avoids the Nob in Shoota unit to contest the Orks objective in the last turn of the game.

If the game went on any longer, not to sure what would have happened as my loses were heavy. It was just a sweet game not matter what. As you can see in the pictures.... it looked mighty fine.

April 13, 2009

Project jumble...New Focus

Was going to wait until i finished my lizards but, it seems with a twist of fate I will being play'n a lot 40k in the near future. On top of that... I have only played a half dozen or so games with the Dark Elves... so what the hurry. The old ones have waited for thousands of years...whats two more months?

That's how long it should take to put together a 1,500 Hrud army. I will be using the Demon codex and plan on posting up the army list soon. I want tweak it soon while scrouge'n up the Bits... for 10 more "Hrud" as seen. It's a kit bash with some green stuff and of course... painted. Already went and pick up the models for the rest of the army this weekend.... so now it down to some work.

April 11, 2009

Smash 'em!

I have run into a bit of a problem. Should have seen it commin'. Kermit the Space Frog is pure metal. No way... will that plastic stand work. It will break in a heart beat. So, I just wonder off to the garage to find a better stand. With this little set back... came the realization of two things. One, I do not have enough shields for my warriors. Two, the temple guards shields are molded to the arms.

So far, not that I've put a lot of Fantasy models together, but these have been separate form the arms of the models. I'm going to have to ponder on this while I put my skinks together.

Mean while.... These guys.

I'm going to build a command unit out of the left over Steggie crew bits. Still have one more of those monsters sitting in a box. Just add to the list.

April 09, 2009

Spring cleaning....

You paint and you paint and you paint. Why? Cause we wanna play Warhammer! That is why!

I'm lucky to have a tiny spot to call my own and play host to what left of my gaming stuff in the garage. It's not the battle bunker, but it's mine. So after the long cold winter... today... with a day off and this funky yellow thing in the sky blindn' me all the while. I cleaned house. Just a bit more effort and it's game time. Can you find those tricksy Elves?I found this monster on my mess of a table. Forgot that i even painted him back in the fall. Funny thing is... cleaning up found 4 more kroot bodies. The frame for the conversion. All it would take is a $22 box of ghouls... a crap ton of green stuff and the Hrud would be finished. Too many ideas and so little money for toys....sigh.

On the lizard front we have the warriors. Now... i painted them like 2 years ago, but have spent the last day or so putting on the yellow highlights . Along with some detail work here and there... like the spines on their backs.

Each project i try to learn or try something that out side the comfort limit of my skills. Just one technique or extra step... so i can twist it in every direction and learn something. Hopefully incorporating it over to next project. Never be afraid to experiment,but remember mistakes will happen.

When it was the guard army...flesh tones. The most recent Eldar...how fast can i paint. Squid boy... up above...was an attempt at sculpting. The Lizard men... was and is still my attempt to paint a very bright scheme of color and bring my standard a just little higher. Once I get around to taking some photos of the rest of my armies....you'll understand.

Any ways this unit is most of the way done. The front rank needs cleaned up and some shields are in order. The last step i guess would be the bases and a movement tray. Never done that before... I mean a real one...not just a slab of card board.

To-nite.... scraping mold lines off my skinks...good times,

Still no signs of Avatar hair?!?

April 07, 2009

Epic Failure...

I should have waited.... i should have tested the "rubber band" idea out on something that did not cost 40 bucks. While a little disappointed with effect... I do believe that it suffered due to my own impatience and excitement. Plus it got damm... cold here all of sudden makeing the spay cans act a little funky. Oh well... I can fix em!

April 06, 2009

The end is near....

After reading the whole Reserves topic on BLoS I remembered this guy. Mr. Ilg at some point chopped off the ole' reaper head. Then swapped it out for the Swooping hawk exarch's helm. Very simple conversion that make for the 4th HQ. choice for a army I'll never play. Now it's on to a little experiment with the grav tanks. While I'm quite done with the eldar for the moment.... (Painted up almost 2,500 pts in 3 weeks) and my lizards are on deck. This has my mind all a jumble with something new for 40k, Or i could update guard, finish the hrud.

I wish GW. would hurry up with this rumored "Planet Killer." The city of death building kits are some good stuff and I'm just a little curious to see what they have in store.

Playing the game: What do you bring?

There's a lot of talk about tactics, painting, and modeling on the internet. (which is a great thing) This thread is all about the extra stuff we don't want to live without when we play. I thought this up whilst browsing Warhammer Alliance's UI forums.

What I bring: (clockwise from left) my codex/army list notebook, Ron's Battle Matrix sheet, a cube of 36 chessex mini dice (2 if I'm playing apocalypse), 10 big pink dice for important rolls, standard templates, 2 sets of my custom markers, big gun dice (for turn counters), and Gale Force Nine's T.A.C. template. I really can't say enough about this offering from GF9. The 2" coherency end is really great for disembarking troops from transports as well as checking who's engaged in close combat. I use it for almost all my movement too. Buy one and you'll never regret it. (GF9, you can sponsor me now) My mini rulebook didn't make it's way into the pic and my tape measure broke recently. Gotta grab a new one..

I'm gonna open up this thread to all my subscribers/readers/fellow FTW members. What do you bring?

April 04, 2009


I'll keep it simple the camera battery is dead. My offspring has started up European football club this week so.. like a good single dad, call me taxi. The battery will be charged soon... so don't think the paint has stopped. Oh no... it never stops. What the hell else would i do? How ever... i think that it's time to call it quit on the space pansies. Pics to follow...