December 17, 2009

WE and DE face-off

Not a whole ton to say, except that everything died. The Cauldron allowed a stupid amount of saves on the hydra, who, with the help of the chariot, saw off my Highborn and Dragon. (I got revenge on the hydra, dealing the last few wounds with my mounted Noble). I shot the manticore up right before he finally made it to me, but the guy riding it scared a whole unit of Glade Guard off the board, and followed them because he was so pissed.

We both had inbetween 650 and 700 left after 6 turns. It was one of the most enjoyable and hard fought games of Fantasy I've played. Here's the list I used, followed by end-game pics. Hopefully Larry will post his for everyone to check out. Hope you guys/gals enjoy this mini-report! (more pics next time - I get distracted by playing lol)

Note: We are aware that Lords are used at 2k and above, but allow them now because I am still working towards owning the models I need.

571 Highborn riding a Forest Dragon
Light Armour, Enchanted Shield, Stone of the Crystal Mere
Spear, Bow of Loren & Arcane Bodkins

145 Wood Elf Noble w/HoDA
Elven Steed, Light Armour, Shield, Great Weapon, Helm of the Hunt

187 Lvl 2 Spellsinger
Elven Steed, 2x Dispel Scroll

240 Waywatchers (x10)

126 Glade Guard (x10) w/Musician

126 Glade Guard (x10) w/Musician

129 Glade Riders (x5) w/Musician

129 Glade Riders (x5) w/Musician

144 Dryads (x12)


December 07, 2009

Marloc sighted!

Pretty cool I'd say. All the monstery goodness is up on G.W.'s website. The pryo-vore is a pleasant surprise. It's a heck of improvement over the last one! As a added bonus the gargoyles are allot cheaper then the rumors had stated. The wait is almost over.

November 23, 2009

40k Top Bloggers

I decided to share 5 of my favorite blogs with my readers as well as explaining why they're 'Top Bloggers'.

Santa Cruz Warhammer - John and Mike at Santa Cruz Warhammer have a real love for the hobby and it shows! They regularly give back to the community with free give-away's (one of which I won) and have great models to-boot.

From the Warp - Ron's great attitude about the different aspects of the hobby is very straight-forward and well thought out. (much like his projects) I like Rogue Trader Fridays, Ron's tutorials are great, and I'm always finding new blog to follow! With the semi-recent addition of a few guest authors this blog has growth in all areas. His blogger group now boasts "over 400 members" so definately "take a minute and see what's new."

Going on Campaign - This site seems to be at the forefront of campaigning for 40k. I could tell you all about the maps, markers, tokens, and campaign styles but it's simply something you'll have to take in yourself.

The Vanus Temple - Not only does this blog boast some of the coolest Deathwing models I've ever seen but the layout is simply gorgeous. Always a blast to read if you're into all the aspects of the hobby.

DEI GRECI - Described as an "Airmobile Imperial Guard Regiment for Warhammer 40,000", this blog features a project of immense proportion: an 'Athena Steampunk Airship'. Think huge and detailed. This guy carves plasticard for days.

Don't feel excluded if I follow your blog but you didn't make this list! It's not a definitive top 5, just stuff I'm enjoying lately.

November 16, 2009

Xenos scum pt.2

Two more Squid-men are ready for the table. Leaving 8 more to go and the biggest part of the project will be finished. This madness is well over a year old, but something always comes up every time I try to finish it.

I can make a 1.5k list with no problem. After all the time, that has been put in on the project, I don't see a reason to build a bigger list. It may not be the most competitive army in the game, but it plays. I've been tinkering with a new one, but really can't change much, without building up something.

November 15, 2009

Dark Elf Witches

I'm ready to be done with the girls. The whole "natural flesh tone" thing is not my strongest of skills. Who's ever heard of a tan Ork? The witches were a excellent chance to use the new flesh wash. Make sure to water the stuff down and work in layers is my advice. Not the best effort, but not bad for stepping outside my comfort zone.

This gal is my assassin, till I can get another model more suited for the role.

November 13, 2009

Xenos Scum

I never figured out a name for this ugly thing. I've been painting it, while working on the ladies and they are taking forever. This Lovecraft nightmare, counts as the Changeling in my Hrud/Demon army.

W.a.C's like to talk about stuff that breaks the game.
Stop right here!

For 5 points and single failed leadership test. I get to shoot you with your own units! All I gotta do is see the unit and be in my 24" range. What else does that? My little monster has been responsible for all sorts of terror for my opponents.

November 09, 2009

Dark Elves 1850

My dark elf list... Please note that when I started the army, I bought the models that I liked, before the internet could tell me otherwise. The list is set at 1850, but if you add it up, it's a little short. I'm still not sure if I want a unit of cold one knights or if I want to try out two smaller units of Witches and Executioners? That will be a game-day decision.

The overall plan seems to be for the army to move in mass while the range units clear the path. Dark riders should be deployed together to threaten one of the flanks. The Manticore is held back to counter-charge the dragon. Hopefully the beast will do some damage and if I'm lucky take the monster down after softening it up with the bolters. The sorceress goes with the spear unit along with the assassin. I'm really geeked to play with this guy! He's got 5-8 poison attacks that always strike first. If I wanted, I could add on the killing blow ability and really scare some wood elves.

25 Warriors -215
Shields and full command
War banner

5 Dark riders -117
Cross bows
2 units for 234

10 Cross bow warriors -100

1 Cold one chariot -100

2 Bolt Thrower -200

1 Cheesy Hydra -175

Dread lord -400
With Manticore, Caldor's bane and Armour of Darkness

L2. Magic lady with Tome of Furion-150

Assassin -121
Extra hand weapon and Rune of khaine

Any thoughts?

Now I remember why i hate Warhammer...


Two for one, is motto of the mounted unit.

Sure it's only one model in the game but, my paint brush doesn't see it that way. This thought popped back up in my mind, while I was touching up the dark riders. If they weren't so incredibly awesome on the table. I probably wouldn't have ever bothered.

However during my dark elf research putting the army together. I discovered that they are a staple. So i made two units out of the Glade Rider box sets and some DE torsos. For the touch ups, I fuddled around with the horses and did up the cloaks. This strong dislike for the horses, explains my attraction to the rat-men and the bearded folk.

November 08, 2009

Genestealer Test Model

Last night, after deciding I didn't want to work on my Glade Riders for Fantasy, I finally painted up one of my Space Hulk 'stealers. I actually really enjoyed the model, and I'm thinking of getting together a Tyranid force when the new book drops. (you know how it goes lol) If I randomly nab another copy of Space Hulk that idea may become a reality. (magnetizing the bases of course)

Sorry the pics are still a bit dark, I do need to get another light from the store. Hopefully you can still make out the source-lighted shading on the model and base, something I've been working with a lot lately and I think it's developing into a part of my style.

Thinking about Tyranids

Well sort of...

While I am very excited for the new Nid codex and eagerly waiting to putting the bugs back on the table. I must admit that rumor of plastic gargoyles has me pumped. The idea of a kit with multiple wings could lead to all sorts of crazy conversions . If I had some plastic wings, I could go grab a box of demonettes, then make up some harpies for the Dark Elves. I don't think it would be to much effort to build the models up on rocky crags, then slap on the wings. If not it's time to break down and shell out the clams for these lovely ladies

November 06, 2009

Ice World table Inauguration pics part 2.

Here's a few more pics I took of a different game between the Cog boys and 'me Orks on the brand new Ice world. Games on ice planet play oddly compared to our "green" table. Plenty of pillars and ice mounds to hide entire units behind but very little in the way of cover saves... once yer' out in the open.

I think this game ended up a draw with a huge bloody melee at the end. Hand to hand combat is about the only place to hide from one of those bloody planes. My Storm boys were brought to a abrupt halt when they hit a wall of steel. They retired early as usual.

Good stuff.

November 05, 2009

Cold one Knights

I think cold ones are green or something, but I paint green in my sleep. Besides, my favorite color is blue. The lizard riders act as decent heavy calvary if you don't mind risking the stupidity tests. Leadership 9 is pretty reliable and a bare-necked unit of 5 is less then 150 points. These guys are in all my lists.

Executioners pt.2

Here is a bit of an update on the executioners from a week or so. I have been taking my sweet ole time with this unit. The banner has gone a few changes. I freely admit that I don't do allot of free hand. It's just my own pure laziness. The model did not leave me the option of skipping out.

The banner ended up being very shiny. All the ink and washes that I used left a terrible glare. The solution was a few coats of very watered down Elmer's glue. That seemed to help matte it down.

So after all the time put into the little unit and it's banner dude. I discover that it's not recommend to give small elite units a standard. It naturally draws attention and possibly give up easy victory points in a bad combat.

Up Next... Blood thirsty Witches.

November 03, 2009

Ice World Table Inauguration Pics

Found these pictures lying around the hd today. Thought I'd post em up. Check out the mini-report over @ Paint Your Toys. (and by the wayyyy, we made this table in like two days! meaning we're awesome. Larry's hand wouldn't work afterwords lol)

WE Army Pictures

Here's what I have so far. (shown in the shoddy picture above) My plans right now are to paint my glade riders and waywatchers, and then to acquire another box of dryads (so I can go 3x8) and a treewoman to finish my 2k list. (I'll be dropping a unit of glade riders to make everything fit.)

The Evil Dark Elves

I've been slowly doing some touch up work on my 2,000 Pt. Dark Elf Army. Making some movement trays and painting up a few spear men. Lately, I've been trying to stay in the fantasy mind set and reading up on the books.

I have come to the conclusion, over the last few games. If I am to improve my understanding of Warhammer? I need to stick to just one army for a while. Until I know it inside and out. The flipping back and forth is allot fun, but I'm just confusing myself while learning the core rules. The Dark elves have the potential to play in all 4 phases of game, so they seem a better choice for grinding my teeth. I keep playing around with different lists, but I can't decide... monsters or magic?

October 31, 2009

High Noble on Forest Dragon Pictures

Finally got around to gettin this guy to a nice standard, though I may go back at some point and work on him a little bit more. On this piece I further developed my style of colored source-lighting and I'm pretty happy with how it worked. Check out his load-out, followed by some pictures.

571 Highborn riding a Forest Dragon
Light Armour, Enchanted Shield, Stone of the Crystal Mere
Spear, Bow of Loren & Arcane Bodkins

(I'm thinking the Bow of Loren / Arcane Bodkins combo should help me deal with heavy calvary on turn one.)

October 25, 2009

Mechanicus HQ Pictures

One of the first things I looked for in the new(ish) Imperial Guard book was an HQ unit that could be represented by a converted Techmarine model. My prayers were answered with Colonel Straken. I hacked off the flamer on a Techmarine and fashioned a shotgun-essque arm for him. I simply count the 'twin-linked' plasma pistol arm as his basic plasma pistol and the high toughness and survivability can easily be explained by internal bionics. I also made his bolter snub nose and painted the rounds in the clip orange (reminds me a bit more of a shotgun - and Straken, in the book, doesn't have a bolter per-say). The two cherubs are the bodyguards and the little servitor guy is the medic.

I'm pretty happy with my choice of HQ's. It seems you CAN fight a bit of close combat with a guard book now. (plus, if you castle up you can gain a huge boost to your veterans with counter-assault and furious charge at your disposal.) Check out the 1500 pt list I'm playing with now. I tried it out today and the newly added priest was well worth it.

Straken w/2x Bodyguard, Medic, Laspistols, Krak Grenades


Priest (attached to Straken's squad)

Veteran Squad w/Powerfist, 2x Grenade Launcher, Flamer
Chimera w/Heavy Flamer & Dozer Blade

Veteran Squad w/Powerfist, 2x Grenade Launcher, Flamer
Chimera w/Heavy Flamer

Veteran Squad w/Powerfist, 2x Grenade Launcher, Flamer

Hellhound w/Extra Armour & Smoke

Valkyrie w/MRP's & Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Leman Russ Vanquisher w/Pask Upgrade and Lascannon

October 22, 2009

New Dryad Pictures

I'll be picking up some more shortly so I can have 3 units of 8.

Wadda we do till Then?

It's been kinda quiet around here. Fall is starting to settle in and I think it time to move back indoors. I have been digging though the old Skaven books and rumors, getting all geared up for the work that lies ahead. It's going to be so much work and the really bad part is the bugs are right behind them.

In the meantime, Dark Elves. Executioners to be exact. I don't have a full unit yet but I can use my Witch Elves, that are collecting dust, to fill out the ranks for a small unit. They should make a good counter attack for when the tree men start coming around.

October 14, 2009

Chimeras (updated!)

Threw a Heavy Flamer on each of my Chimeras. Found it to be heavily recommended and for a good reason!

All that's left now is to tidy up my counts-as Colonel Straken and take a pic of his squad.

Stalk Tank Conversion

This guy here counts as a Leman Russ Vanquisher w/'Pask' Commander, Hull Lascannon, and Camo Netting (a small Void Shield generator).