October 27, 2010

Imperial Guard Repaint

Its been a quiet week around the gaming table, so I took advantage of the slow time to sit down and paint up all my old 2nd Edition Cadians. 31 infantry in all, but I wanted something a little different then the standard green/tan paint scheme.

So, I busted out the old yellow ink and few of the washes. After laying down all the base colors, I added and unhealthy amount of Devlin Mud and called it a day. When everything was dry, I finished the bases. There are still 20 or so old Catachans to paint up, but they may take a little while. 

October 21, 2010

High Elf Phoenix Guard

These guys are as done or should I say done "enough." The fact is I simply can't paint on them anymore. The banner turned out rather well, but I'm not too keen about the rest of the unit. Even more so,  I dread the thought of painting the10 more I need to finish out the unit. For as much time as I put into these guys, they better whoop some @$$ on the table.

October 08, 2010

High Elf Phoenix Guard WiP.

It has been a slow week. Most of my time has been spent quietly slaving away on the new plastic Phoenix guard. They are really nice models, but they are pain to paint up.  It was my plan to get a full unit of 20 on  the table. After it taking so long to get them up to a decent standard, I'm thinking it would be easier to go with more Sword-masters instead. It might be a little better for the wallet too. Once I wrap up the unit. It will be time for some better photos.

October 02, 2010

Return to Mordheim pt.3

These are a bunch of photos of the triple-header of Mordheim, that I played last night against Mr. Watson's Beasts of Chaos. The foul horde took all three games with a unstoppable fury, that left the Rozenritter beaten up and bloody. The first one was a occupy 5 of the buildings to win. The speed of the Beast lent well to this type of objective, and they took total control of the board. The battle that followed left 3 of Spearmen dead and Walter Schepkoff  grievously wounded.

The second game was a Chance Encounter that gave the Rozenritter quite a bloody nose. The only shinning moment was when Oskar squared off against the vile Shaman. It was only a minor victory however, as the mercenaries lost the taste for battle soon after, leaving city to the Beastmen.

As luck would have it, The Rozenritters met up with a Elven Ranger, who shared the same hatred for Beast of Chaos. They join forces to face off against the Beast in a third and decisive showdown. The results were the same, as the Beast showed no mercy. In the end 8 of my warriors were out of the game, but all my luck rolled up at once, and every single one lived to tell the tale. Not the ranger though, he was killed for his trouble.

All I can say... More Mordheim, please!

October 01, 2010

Return to Mordheim pt.2

Well, I can not help myself. Every time I play a game of Mordheim. My mind goes all crazy with more hobby ideas for the City of the Dammed. I'm starting wonder if the table will ever be finished?  These are just a few of the side projects that have been lying around, while I was busy painting up the Elves over the past month.

This tomb used to be part of my 40k collection, but I ripped off all the identifiable bitz. I also added more rubble and static grass to base to help blend in better with other pieces. It looks pretty cool for being an old paper cup dispenser.

Everybody seems to dig the original tree stand. So, I built a second one. I didn't have another dead tree but, so I left the center clean until I can add one. Wire trees are not that hard to make. They're just time consuming.

Finally, the Well or whatever you want to call it. It didn't turn out the way I thought it would, but overall, it gets the point across. My mistake was pouring all the glue at once instead of working in layers. With the stuff I just built and Temple from back in August. I'm half way to have a decent Warhammer table in addition to more terrain for the City of the Dammed.