October 31, 2009

High Noble on Forest Dragon Pictures

Finally got around to gettin this guy to a nice standard, though I may go back at some point and work on him a little bit more. On this piece I further developed my style of colored source-lighting and I'm pretty happy with how it worked. Check out his load-out, followed by some pictures.

571 Highborn riding a Forest Dragon
Light Armour, Enchanted Shield, Stone of the Crystal Mere
Spear, Bow of Loren & Arcane Bodkins

(I'm thinking the Bow of Loren / Arcane Bodkins combo should help me deal with heavy calvary on turn one.)

October 25, 2009

Mechanicus HQ Pictures

One of the first things I looked for in the new(ish) Imperial Guard book was an HQ unit that could be represented by a converted Techmarine model. My prayers were answered with Colonel Straken. I hacked off the flamer on a Techmarine and fashioned a shotgun-essque arm for him. I simply count the 'twin-linked' plasma pistol arm as his basic plasma pistol and the high toughness and survivability can easily be explained by internal bionics. I also made his bolter snub nose and painted the rounds in the clip orange (reminds me a bit more of a shotgun - and Straken, in the book, doesn't have a bolter per-say). The two cherubs are the bodyguards and the little servitor guy is the medic.

I'm pretty happy with my choice of HQ's. It seems you CAN fight a bit of close combat with a guard book now. (plus, if you castle up you can gain a huge boost to your veterans with counter-assault and furious charge at your disposal.) Check out the 1500 pt list I'm playing with now. I tried it out today and the newly added priest was well worth it.

Straken w/2x Bodyguard, Medic, Laspistols, Krak Grenades


Priest (attached to Straken's squad)

Veteran Squad w/Powerfist, 2x Grenade Launcher, Flamer
Chimera w/Heavy Flamer & Dozer Blade

Veteran Squad w/Powerfist, 2x Grenade Launcher, Flamer
Chimera w/Heavy Flamer

Veteran Squad w/Powerfist, 2x Grenade Launcher, Flamer

Hellhound w/Extra Armour & Smoke

Valkyrie w/MRP's & Heavy Bolter Sponsons

Leman Russ Vanquisher w/Pask Upgrade and Lascannon

October 22, 2009

New Dryad Pictures

I'll be picking up some more shortly so I can have 3 units of 8.

Wadda we do till Then?

It's been kinda quiet around here. Fall is starting to settle in and I think it time to move back indoors. I have been digging though the old Skaven books and rumors, getting all geared up for the work that lies ahead. It's going to be so much work and the really bad part is the bugs are right behind them.

In the meantime, Dark Elves. Executioners to be exact. I don't have a full unit yet but I can use my Witch Elves, that are collecting dust, to fill out the ranks for a small unit. They should make a good counter attack for when the tree men start coming around.

October 14, 2009

Chimeras (updated!)

Threw a Heavy Flamer on each of my Chimeras. Found it to be heavily recommended and for a good reason!

All that's left now is to tidy up my counts-as Colonel Straken and take a pic of his squad.

Stalk Tank Conversion

This guy here counts as a Leman Russ Vanquisher w/'Pask' Commander, Hull Lascannon, and Camo Netting (a small Void Shield generator).

Hellhound Pics

Skitarii Veteran Pics (3 units!)

Well, I finally got a chance to put most of finishing touches on my 1500 point Mechanicus List. Here's a few pics of my troops units. Each squad sports a power fist, flamer, and two grenade launchers.

October 12, 2009

The Last Ork

If I decide to commit myself to the underempire, this ole' boy maybe the last one I paint for long time. He was gift over 10 years ago and I never got around to putting the thing together. There's little conversion work, as you can see. Some of the bitz were lost in the warp long ago.

He's not the very last ork. I have the "tub of shame" where all my rogue trader orks are resting.

October 11, 2009

Exodite 'Jetbike' Test Model

Here's a few pics of my first Jetbike model for my exodite army. He's a standard guy with a twin-linked shuriken catapult. Tell me what you think so far.

October 09, 2009

It's okay to lose a game of 40k. pt. 2

"Over the line, Smokey! I'm sorry.
That's a foul."

I got a yellow card from Mr. Ron for my few choice words in my last instalment, so out respect for the B. Sphere... no swears today. Inspired by own grumpiness, I've decided to turn my rant into a little mini series of posts. The intent is merely to show what to "do" when everything goes wrong and still have fun at the same time. The number one rule of Warhammer 40,000 is.....

It's "grim dark" around here.

I played a game last week against Mr. Z and his cog-boys. He had the first turn, and unleashed a unforgiving amount of firepower upon my orks. When the smoke cleared, the large mob of Storm-boyz fled the table along with my only unit of Lootas.

"Poof" and a third of my points had vanished.

Was I upset?

Sure, who wouldn't be? I just took the models of the board and changed my battle plan. There was no way I was going to win, but I wasn't about to roll over. After a second of brooding, it was time to move on and play the game.

It was the mission where each army has a objective in it's deployment zone. As I sweeping off the models, my thoughts turned to how every time I play this one, its a draw. Why should this time be any different? I pick a scoring unit to sit on the objective and pushed the entire horde onwards.

My reward for not giving up and playing to the end? The Wyrd-Boy had a great game, zapping everything in sight. While I had the pleasure of watching, Mr. Z figure out how he was going kill the other 70+ Orks.

In the end, the most awful start... a draw.

On a side note. This was the much better game for the mob of rokkit boys. The one before that, I completely forgot about 'em till the 3rd turn of the game. They were still on the shelf.

Head on over to "I am a Forge World" in the right hand column, to see more of Zealot's Machine Priests.

October 08, 2009

Best 5 points ever...

So, after playing a few games with my Ork horde. I discovered that moving and setting up 100+ models is a pain. I like the way it plays, but I lack the proper transport for such a numerous host. I guess it's back to my speedy ways. The new list demanded a new War-boss. It's just the B.R. one... with a little extra firepower.

While I was painting the bugger, I got to thinking about what a great upgrade a 5 pt. Scorcha happens to be. Sure... its one use, but with the template and strength of 5. Killing a single gurd model pays for the cost of the gear. There is no real point to just taking the slugga, because you don't get the extra close combat attack anymore. Might as well, give the boss something to shoot. I like to give 'em to my mega-nobz and go burn up somebody's bacon.

October 07, 2009

Terradon Pictures

Sorry bout the pic's... they're not the best. These are, however, some of my favorite models in the range. It took me forever to get all three together. Ya have that sometimes. I've played two games with the unit so far.

Not so good, but the 20" move adds some speed to my slow-moving blocks of infantry. I'm sure over time I'll get the hang of the them. Hopefully in the future, I'll get hold of the hero guy and add a little punch. I know units like this have a lot of potential on the battlefield, with tactics like march blocking or surprise flank charges. (Not to mention droppin' rocks on yer head.)

Ahh... Rats

I had a Skaven army once, all Old school pewter. Got when I was a kid, though some White Dwarf promotion. I'm mean what captures the imagination more then a pair of cowardly rat-men running around with a flame thrower that spits green fire!

Hadn't played in years.
Sold 'em on Ebay.
Stupid Larry.
Oh well...

I was on the border line for this one. My spidey sense was tell'n me, painting hundreds of rat men might drive me over the edge. How many pink tails can one paint before you go insane? When the clan rats came pics came out a month ago, I was sold. I've been waiting for this for a long time. I started to poke around the the website to check out the other plastic sets.

Hmmm... didn't care for the Rat-ogres (shame), and some the plague monks still had the cartoony look to them (sigh). So, I decided to wait until I saw the spure for the clan rats, maybe do some head swapping. Unfortunately, the new models heads are fused to the torsos. Hmmm... Then I saw this guy!
He just screams action.
He's jumping over a swarm of lil 'ole rats.
Die,Die! Man-thing!

The description on the Storm Vermin spure said it has a few extra heads. A bit of hope. A $50.00 box of hope, but a little. You get 20 rats in the Vermin box so, it does take a bit of sting out the price. Then the Doom Wheel!
Heck, I just want to get one to kit-bash and make a new truck for my Orks. This thing is just too much. Just that banner alone is the coolest bitz I've seen in awhile.I should just give up now and go buy some Vermin Brown, but 4 pt. Clan Rats make my paint brush cry.

October 04, 2009

It's okay to lose a game 40k...

I mean really it's needs to be said...kids. After all the doom and gloom around the blog-sphere about the wolves and the gurd. All this crazy talk about my 'dex is lame or out of date. This W.A.C.K.Y-ness has me a bit frazzled.
                         "Forget it, Donny.  You're out of 
your element."

First of all I don't any experience at tournaments... none, zilch, zero.

Sorry, Walter... I am Hobby Gamer. Ya know like it says on the sides of boxes! Plain and simple. For me... it's the spectacle and massive production that is war gaming. How the many aspects of the hobby boil down into enjoyable "game" experience. That is what kept my attention for over 20 of playing with toy soldiers. Not GW.'s newest codex or latest rule system.

This is all just a bit of opinion so take it for what it is. It's just my perspective.
                        "I see you rolled your way into the 
semis. Deos mio, man. Seamus and
me, we're gonna fuck you up."

Myth #1. Playing in a tournament means your good at Warhammer 40k.

False. Most formats, you play 6 games or so against a pool of 40-60 other players. At best you test your skills against 10-15% of any given set of players. Sounds more like the state lottery, then a test of skill. What happens if all the best players, no matter the armies, end up drawing each others numbers? They all end up with a 50% or so win ratio. While some average player wins it all, because he got lucky and drew 6 other players who didn't have a clue.

I understand the winner play the winners...yadda yadda... but it's only 6 games. Something tells me, that it comes down to luck of the draw in the early rounds that decides the overall winner. Let alone what happens, if you have terrible first game?

Myth #2 Playing big points games means your good at Warhammer 40k.

False. It not real hard to figure out that 40k in a state of transition. If your did not know, you do now. The system is caught between 2 different design concepts. If your book is under the 4th Ed. it's more restricted. The new books design is simply, everything gets cheaper. So how do you balance-out such an uneven battle Field? Teh suck old vrs. the new shinny unstoppable dex.

Play less points. The funny thing about this hobby is that sometimes less is more. This idea comes up time and time again in my experience with 40k. A smaller points value creates a whole new scene. Say over here in the states, ya'll played 1,000 instead of 1,850 or 2,000. What's gonna happen to all the dreaded Net lists?

See-ya, bye-bye now!

With less, the players are would have to think more then spamming (insert most hated unit here) or oversight of each book. Perhaps with less, you guys could play more games and really figure out who's the bestest at 40k. Big point games have no more depth then the little ones. It just means more toys.

Myth #3 Winning a tournament means your good at warhammer 40k.

False again. It just means you won the door prize. Good job. Thumbs up! Chances are you never even tested your mettle against a tough opponent. If your fretting over what to do in next year 'ard boys garbage? I think you missing the the whole point of hobby gaming. Round after round of half assembled models with no paint. Really? This something for me to get excited about? Sorry bub, no dice. Count me out. I want to play against others who take the hobby to the next level. Not some guy, who get his self-esteem from playing a dice game.

"what do mean, dude?"
War gaming is gentle men's agreement. Always has been. Always will be. I'm not going to explain what that means. It's one of those things in life you understand or you don't. From all the belly aching about air-tight rules and timely Faq's. Most of you do not. So, I'm going to stop now or I'll start ranting about what these tournaments call a terrain set up or some the other dumb stuff I've read lately.

"Fuck it dude... lets go bowling"

All picture and quotes belong to the film The Big Lebowski. When ever the Internet tough guys are out and bout. They always make me think of Walter.

This editorial was written by Larry. He's a 30 something gamer who has been in the hobby for almost 23 years. He has not been to a 40k tournament since he was 15. "It was lame then, and appears even lamer now." Larry will still be playing and painting his toy soldiers for a long, long time. Despite his complete lack of involvement with any Tourney circuit.

October 02, 2009

Apocalypse toys

Well the after the table... I am once again looking for a project. With all the Orky reinforcements it's time to give my Apocalypse toys a little attention. I built them awhile back, for the simple reason the Ork Kit-bashing is always a good time.

The Flying Rhino was built out of another $15 plane kit and few 40k bits for good measure. Its only seen action in two games and each time it was shot down. I was thinking of adding a few more missiles to the wings with a few more glyphs here and there.

The Skull Hamma is old Armourcast Baneblade. Over time, I lost the hull to the model and had to rebuilt the core back up Orky style. The front end is part of the old land raider kit. The back half sports the old battle wagon engine with a few extra grubbins. This job is a bit more involved then the plane, but the effort will be worth it.

Last, but not least my Gargant. Don't make fun of his stubby little guns. He's very sensitive. The whole shoulder section and it's armaments need redone as they make the model look stunted. The backside suffers form running out of steam at the end project. This guy is definitely for last... as I need a plan/bitz to tackle this monster.