March 11, 2011

Paint your Toys:Two years later.

Whoooo Hooooo!!!

If you don't want listen to me wax moronic skip down to the....
What can be said? March 11th, Two year ago, I started this blog. I missed last year's anniversary; I fell off the wagon for about 4 months or so.... Besides that little hiccup. Since June of last year, I've made it a point to blog and here we are.

Fun Fact: I've been playing Toy Soldiers for almost 25 years, but this whole "Warhammer/Internet" deal is still new to me. Heck, I didn't start reading the "Forums" till around late 07'.

No, I'm not a Luddite; I'm just Lazy and too busy painting my toys.

Why did I start this Blog?

Well honesty, it was just for three of my gaming buddies in three different locations. They wanted to see what I'd been painting and this was the easiest method to do so. Anybody else? Really, I wasn't expecting anyone to take much of an interest, but it looked like fun.

That's it.
No Dreams of Internet Stardom.
No Delusions of Grandeur.
Just Paint.

I'm glad everyone likes the blog. I must offer a sincere and most grateful Thank you to everybody who's taken the time to read/join my blog and who's commented on my stuff. (Google Analytics tells me everything.) I may not have hundreds of readers, but I have the best. They keep my little blog quite lively. I'm very appreciative of this fact. I'm still baffled by the number of people read it.

I know it doesn't mean much, but I do try to comment on at least one blog everyday just show folks somebody's listening. It's my only way of giving back and supporting my other bloggers. I like comments, so I figures, other folks do too. The the best advice I can give on blogging is to be active.

What do I enjoy the most? The "community" that happens to be slowly building as we network across the inter-webs. Some of these guys around the Blog-Sphere do some amazing work that really inspires me. No matter what, I'm very pleased to be part of this experience.

The pictures are all my gaming shelves (pardon the dust) because I couldn't think of anything else to photograph for this post. For the most part, this is all my painted stuff... without the new Dark Eldar. EDIT: I went back and took a few more pictures and added them to the spam post.

One last note: Zealot and I have decided to join forces to better promote the awesomeness that is the all "painted game" experience. Now you can look forward to seeing all his work here in the near future. Plus he loaded up his older content, so make sure to check it all out.

You join blog? Why Not?
Thanks again for reading and stop being lame.
Paint something!


Tristan said...

Wow, here's hoping you hit your target. Love the old school genestealers - always looking for more for my cult ;)

Larry said...

Thanks man. I hope so too! As you can see...I have way too many models.

Staurikosaurus said...

Well, if you have the space to store them you can't have too many. It's a nice looking collection you've got there. Perhaps some Blood Bowl would make a nice addition?

zealot said...


Don't get him started Staurik!

I've got a prize for 125 readers too, how about it?

b.smoove said...

Congratulations on two years. Great photos as well; you have been buys. Well played, sir. Well played indeed.

noeste said...

Congratulations with the anniversary! Hope you and Zealot will keep this going for many a year to come ;>

Larry said...

Thanks Everybody!

Admiral Drax said...

Congrats, dudes!