September 29, 2009


Well for a first post, we'll have to start of with some Saurus. Whats not to like about these cold-blooded warriors? With a strength and toughness 4 and 2 attacks, for 11 points they act like most armies elite soldiers. The models themselves are easy to paint with a lot of texture all over. They are nice change of pace from your standard fantasy figs. I still have to finish the shields in the back ranks. Then the unit will be complete.

We are waiting...

Still putting the finishing touches on Mr. Zealot's new 40k gaming board. While I was mindlessly snapping pictures the other day, I came across my dust covered Nids. With the new cover of the bug codex floating across the Net. It may be time to brush off all the dust bunnies and give the bugs a second look.

Anybody who plans on starting a Hive Feet this time around I recommend you go grab one of the old Battle force while you can. It's a heck of deal, giving a new or old players a huge chunk of models. GW. has change all of the bigger $90 boxes with each new book, so I'd go get one before it's gone.

By the way, if the wolf dex is making you cry? Just wait my friends...

September 26, 2009

No painting this week

Just a quick post on the project that popped out of no where. Over here, we have been mighty busy trying to put together a game board. Something a a little different then your standard "green" or "city" tables. Oh, the joys of making your own Home-made terrain. This just happens to be one the best part of the hobby and the cheapest. After toiling endlessly on models. It's a nice break to paint something bigger then a inch high mini. The effort has been broken down into four phases of construction. The first and second phases are complete. While I'm carving up the the Third part today. After a bit of paint... I'll put of some pictures.

September 23, 2009

Techpriest Enginseer Pic

Spellsinger & Glade Guard Pics

Lvl 2 Spellsinger w/2xDispel Scroll

a few finished Glade Guard (the muted theme doesn't translate too well in pictures). I'll have pics of the unit with it's movement tray when the tray is done.

Product Review: MaxMini Bits (guard/sm/traitors/etc)

I recently won some MaxMini bits from Santa Cruz Warhammer. They asked for some feedback so I thought I'd take a few pics of the pieces and post a little review. (though I don't see the bits as available on the site yet)

All of these pieces are on the higher end of the detail spectrum (definately high enough for 40k). The packs will find many uses for many a guard player but I'm partial on the horned gas-mask head (even if I did have to file down a chaos star and clip the horns to get it lookin how I wanted it).

The roman style heads are okay in my opinion, I'm sure someone will fancy them. They look like they could be used for some veterans or pre-heresy style stuff. The other 'marine' type heads are pretty cool. I really like the dual re-breather on the one. There's also a few traitor guard heads in there that I find to be not so thrilling, but once again that's just a matter of style-preference more than anything.

Here's a WIP shot of some skitarii I used the gas mask heads on..

Overrall 8.5/10 - Good job MaxMini!

Once again, thanks Santa Cruz Warhammer!

The Beginnings of my Exodite Army

counts as a Wraithlord (still need to finish the turrets and add flamers)

I thought I'd copy and paste some info over from Lexicanum:
"As Eldar civilization neared its Fall, many groups among the Eldar denounced their decadent societies, abandoning their homeworlds in a series of migrations called the Exodus. These Exodites travelled far away from their collapsing civilization, settling many, often harsh worlds.

The degeneration of Eldar society leading to the Fall did not go wholly without resistance. Some, the more far-sighted, began to openly criticise the laxity of their fellow citizens, and to warn against the effect of Chaos cults. These people were mostly ignored or else treated as narrow-minded fools and fanatics. Soon the general collapse of society convinced even the most resolute amongst them that the only end to the steady decline would be in a terrible collapse. Some decided to leave the Eldar worlds, and settle new planets far from Eldar civilization. They were the ones still untainted by the touch of Chaos, and by now they were few. These Eldar are known as the Exodites.

The Exodites purposefully settled worlds where life would be hard. Those among the original Exodites came from all levels of Eldar society, but all were united in their powerful determination to survive. Eventually a new form of society took shape. The Exodites divided into clans each led by a warrior elite. When the Fall came, the Exodite worlds were untouched.

The Exodite Worlds are generally considered backward and rustic compared to the rest of the space-roaming Eldar although they still possess a good deal of high technology. One of the pieces of technology they have maintained is the Infinity Circuit, although on the Exodite worlds these are known as World Spirits and exist in the form grids of stone menhirs, obelisks, and stone circles all crafted from psychoactive crystal. Despite the presence of some technology, these worlds are often agricultural, however, and it is not uncommon for groups of Exodites to exist in a nomadic state, living off roaming herds and seasonal harvests. This is the most common image of the Exodite life. Many Outcasts will find a refuge among these Eldar, who are generally more accepting.

To others, they are the groundwork of a new Eldar Empire on the edge of the galaxy, composed of the descendants of those far-sighted and strong-willed enough to escape the touch of Slaanesh. Biel-tan is one of the chief proponents of the Exodite potential, and will often mobilise its forces in defence of one of the scattered worlds."

September 17, 2009

Nobz and a List

All that is left now... 8 measly BR. Boys. It seems that this wave of reinforcements is coming to a end. Over the past week I've painted up over 30 new models for the Horde. I'm good with infantry for awhile. There a few other ork projects, I could get into but it's all for Apocalypse.

Da' list 1,200 pts.

Mek with Kustom Fld. and Evy armour. 90 pts.

20 Shoota- 2 big shoota- with nob P. Klaw and B.pole. 170 Pts.

20 Slugga -with Nob, P. Klaw and B. pole. 130 Pts.
2 units for 260 pts.

8 Loota's- 130 pts.
2 units for 260 pts.

12 Storm Boys with Nob, P. Klaw and boss. pole. 184 Pts.

3 Kans with Rokkits and Rigga's-165 pts.

If I wanted to make the list competitive. The Kans are gone, and end up with some koppta's and maybe an extra stormboy. So, we have 89 boys and 3 mini dreads on the table. I'm a bit worried that the storm-boys mob may be a to small. Units of 12 "truck boys" tend to run away allot! Why should the storm boys be any different?

The Loota's will demand attention, as always so maybe that will take some of the heat off. The Kans need some game time and they fit the theme. Usually my Orks are Speed freak flavored, moving 70 or so models every turn will feel like my Nids.

September 15, 2009

Storm Boyz

With my 8 older models, I can make a mob of 18 now. Sounds good to me. Along with the rokkit boyz, I've been working on my set of 10 "BR" Nobs too. So they can ride in the battle wagon looking for something to smash up. That leaves only 10 boyz left and all the extra ork stuff will be caught up.

September 11, 2009

Back to my roots...

Well, after being on the wrong end of a choppa last weekend. It has caused me to take a second look at my Orks. I hadn't much of chance to play them over the summer. Mostly for the reason, I lack the proper transport for the horde. Everybody has that one army, that they've just keep building on for years. For me, that's the Orks.

Had some boyz left over from the Black Reach box, so I busted out the glue. Over the past day, the brush has been working hard. In addition, I'm lucky enough to have snag up 10 Storm boys over the summer. They're next on the list...

List-wise, we have been playing allot of 1,200 or 1,000 Point battles around here. When I usually run my Orks, it's a speed freak list. This time, I'm think'n... 3 Kans, 1 Dreadnought, and a mass of boyz. All back up by a mek-boy with his Kustom-field to protect the tide as it runs across the board.

September 06, 2009

Orks v. Space Marines

The game shaped up to be a 1,200 point conflict. Orks vs. the Space Marines in Dawn of War with a Kill point Objective. I won the first turn and decided to create a fire Base around the building. The Orks in turn set up out of range of most of my weapons or hid behind the buildings out of my line of sight. I did not have a good feeling about this one from the start...

The game was very intense and allot of fun. Mr. Watson played the orks in excellent orky fashion. The plan was brutally cunning and he pulled it off in spades. By the the mid game I had written this one off. In the Orks 3rd turn, they pulled off 4 charges and completely overrun my both my flanks. More then once did I sit there helpless, as Ork Mobs counted up fists full of dice

The only thing that save me from a complete stomping was a timely charge by one of my combat squads, in the second turn, to tie up the frisky storm-boys. The combat was a draw and blocking off the the Nob bikers from turning the corner and smashing my middle. The battle lasted long enough to grab the shoota mob's attention lessening the attack in the center.

The Ork wave crashed into my defenses and loses started to mount. During the Charge o' Rama Phase of the game. I lost all 5 Terminators and 2 of my combat Squads in the same assault phase. The shining moment, was my command squad decided to be tough and save all the wounds caused by the Nob Squad. While my own power fist scored 2 big wounds. They were able to turn the tide and kill off the last of the bikers. The War-boss took for safety of the cover.

I should have not won this game. It's that simple. I was out-flanked and overwhelmed by the horde. The lack of Power Klaws is what cost Mr. Watson the game. The mobs did not have the hammer to put the nails in the coffin ... so they say. I started the game with 30 Tactical marines... only 13 survived to tell the tale. Unfortunately for the Orks, all my luck came in a single shooting phase after the beating in the 3rd Turn. The fire fight managed to send off the last of the horde.

September 05, 2009

Dino-Death Star o' Doom

Well, it's done. I pulled a major constuction goof and put the howdah on backwards. After that blunder and some creative clipping... it fits. Oh well, not a whole lot you can do about it after the glue drys. So very excited to put this monster on the table! Chase down and run over some Tree-men or what ever poor Wood Elf that gets in the way. It should act as hammer and take some of the bow-fire off my other Steggie. Now, all I got to do is... fix that shield with some purple wash and make a army list.

September 03, 2009

Terrodons N' Stuff

Yesterday, finished up the work on the evil Dino-Death Star along with it's crew. The few pics I snapped last night were all blurry... so it will have to wait. I had to go back and do some touch-up work on my Terrodons. One of them had an issue with the floor.

Gravity sucks.Today's bit of work will be finishing the basing on Temple guard and few other units need some work in that department. I just may stick with my lizards till the end of the month. A painted Carnosaur would make me smile. Get some Spiky Lizards and shoot up the Wood Elves for a change.