March 28, 2011

City of Death Repaint Pt.3

It’s been a rather quiet week around the painting table.  Outside powers conspire to steal away my hobby time, but I still managed to finish off these two buildings.  That only leaves me two more to go.  Then this little vanity project can come to a close. 

I may end up building one kit, but I’m a little torn. I just don’t have the motivation to paint up more right now. I’d hate build it and then give it a half-a$$ed paint job. It would look some what out of place after all the time that’s been sunk into the other structures. Plus, I couldn’t just build one. That would give me an even number of buildings for the table. I don’t know why in the world that bothers me, but it does. Call me a bit odd, I guess.

So, if everything goes according to plan, I’ll finish this all up over the next week and we can move onto something more interesting.

March 24, 2011

City of Death Repaint Pt.2

I stopped out to see Larry and grab this building a few days back and I started it last night. It's a pretty basic paint job; as he was saying these kits are extremely detailed, so I was trying to find that balance. (washes are still a bit wet in the pics)

March 22, 2011

City of Death Repaint Pt.1

Despite my various setbacks over the past week, I have managed to start one project that is long overdue.  My City of Death buildings have been in dire need of attention. Back when I first got the kits, I was in a hurry to get them together and on the table as soon as possible. That was like over 3 years ago...

If I had my way, I’d be cutting and hacking up some new Styrofoam hills for the table, but it’s not that nice outside. Instead, we’ll just spruce up the buildings for now. I didn’t want to start over completely; I’d already done some work on the gold skulls and other details. It was better to just bust out the Metallic paints and washes and have a go. 

These two are what I’ve managed to finish so far and I still four more to paint up. It’s a bit sloppy, but I’m just trying to drag out more contrast in the models and not spend the time it would actually take to paint up these insanely detailed kits. 

March 19, 2011

P.Y.T. Birthday Contest Winners!

First off, let me thank everyone who joined up for the contest. I just wanted to do something a little special and this was the only thing I could think of at the time.

Bag o’ Bitz winner: J-K
Rogue Trader winner: corry3446

Now, if you're one of the lucky winners, send me something with your Mailing Address and I will get the goodies sent out to you during the next week. You have until Friday, March 25th to contact me. I’m also going to send you a message though Google Connect, so please reply to that. I don’t want to first contest to be a flop!

Congratulations to our Winners and don’t worry if you didn’t win this time around. Zealot just generously donated a big box of new and used models to give away over the summer, and that’s just what we will do! Stay tuned for future details.

Now that that's out of the way, let's move on to painting. It’s been kind of a slow painting week for me. The weather took a turn for the better it’s been cutting into my hobby time.

Most of my Wednesday was spent super-gluing my fingers together in attempt to magnetize my Dark Eldar vehicles. The once fragile sails of the Raiders are no more and I magnetized the drivers and gunners as well. I was a magnet-virgin until this project, but now I can see why everyone goes through all the trouble. The whole process was a bit of a pain, but now the Raiders/Ravagers fit safely into my fancy case, and that fact alone made it all worth it. For the amount of money and time I invested I’m very pleased with the results.

March 17, 2011

Painted Manticore & Plug for 'A Gamer's Blog'

This tank was easily knocked out in the last two days. It still impresses me how much better the 'new' kits come together when I'm assembling them. I'm also interested to see how this thing performs on the table.

Also, one of my more favorite 40k writers, JR (aka 'Prince of Excess' on Librarium, where I found him) got a blogspot going and I just wanted to send some reader his way. You'll definately be interested if you like real talk about the game that's actually relevent and current to the meta-game. I traditionally have had a rough time finding knowledgeable writers that really understand the game on a larger philosophical level and personally, I think this guy is spot on. Don't miss his breakdown of the Grey Knights book.

(sorry the second pic is blurry.. I'm gonna have to grab another tripod if I'm gonna take pics at home like this again)

March 16, 2011

Barter Bucket win/plug

Just made out on a great barter bucket sale and I just have to link over to Santa Cruz Warhammer and thank them again. If you don't know they have a weekly trade/sale list that helps people find specific stuff as well as consolidating our 'unused goods' into collections where they can serve their purpose! Not only is this great for everyone's budget it's also a way for us to enrich our gaming community as a whole and reduce our waste.*

Check out this box someones gettin mailed to them tomorrow! Tons of bits, some chaos marines, and partial guard sprues (& something free of course). He said he's got a converted army project as well as orks and already has big plans for what he saw in the pics I sent him. Thanks again to my buyer. (Don't forget I've still got all this stuff and I'm still selling my autumn themed Wood Elves.)

* Nurgle players may actually wish to increase their waste. :)

Assembled Manticore

Just finished building this tank for my Mechanicus army. I tossed a bunch of sprues and resin bases to Larry last week and he decided to help me out by hooking me up with this box set, which I really appreciate. I'll probably get this done in the next day or two.

March 15, 2011

Dark Eldar Army Complete! 1.5k.

Unfortunately my time is rather limited today, so you get to miss out on all my usual typos and grammar mistakes. I meant to post this up yesterday, along with a list, but I was way too busy doing “The Celebratory Booty Dance” with confirmation of the Dark Eldar in the month of June.

They almost had me (Stupid Sexy Grey Knights) but I should be okay now. 

So, here's the Dark Eldar army as it stands. Just about 1.5k in models all painted up and ready to play. I can’t wait to add some Venoms and Scourges! Until the new stuff gets here, I'm going to focus on my table and get to work on some Trueborn to ride around in the skiffs.

Also, if you want a chance to win a big bag of free Bitz or old Rouge Trader Hybrids, don’t forget to join the Blog before the end of Wednesday!

March 13, 2011

Official P.Y.T. Birthday Give-Away!!!

Alright, my little gimmick has hit a snag. I completely forgot why I still had the Chaos Lord around in the first place. I have been reprimanded. So, I also must apologize and withdraw it from the giveaway. I don’t think anyone really cares, but that’s the way it is.

So, the “Genestealers Giveaway” is still on. However, to make up for my goof up, I’m going to raffle something a bit more interesting. The only thing I have more of than painted models... BITZ. As you can plainly see the bag is rather large and could contain countless different pieces.

Join the blog before the end of Wednesday, March 16th and you will be entered into a lottery raffle for this huge bag of random Games Workshop Bitz. It’s that Plain and simple. The Drawing for the Hybrids and Bag o' Bitz will be announced on March Saturday March 19th.

Once I announce the winner, you will need to email me with a mailing address to claim the prize. You will have until March 23rd. to respond otherwise, I'll just raffle it off again. My email can be found in the side bar of the blog. The package will be delivered U.S Mail and shipped securely. If you happen to live outside the States or Canada, I will try to mail it to you, but as long as it doesn't cost me a cliche.

That’s all I got for today, since the weather is going to be respectable. I’m going to try to go out to the garage and take some family photos of the Dark Eldar army.

March 12, 2011

Painted Clanrats

White balance is a bit off. I need to start checking my camera's settings now that I'm not using the light tent. I'm still considering a very small amount of static grass for this army, but for now they're fighting on mordheim-style rubble and soot.

March 11, 2011

Paint your Toys:Two years later.

Whoooo Hooooo!!!

If you don't want listen to me wax moronic skip down to the....
What can be said? March 11th, Two year ago, I started this blog. I missed last year's anniversary; I fell off the wagon for about 4 months or so.... Besides that little hiccup. Since June of last year, I've made it a point to blog and here we are.

Fun Fact: I've been playing Toy Soldiers for almost 25 years, but this whole "Warhammer/Internet" deal is still new to me. Heck, I didn't start reading the "Forums" till around late 07'.

No, I'm not a Luddite; I'm just Lazy and too busy painting my toys.

Why did I start this Blog?

Well honesty, it was just for three of my gaming buddies in three different locations. They wanted to see what I'd been painting and this was the easiest method to do so. Anybody else? Really, I wasn't expecting anyone to take much of an interest, but it looked like fun.

That's it.
No Dreams of Internet Stardom.
No Delusions of Grandeur.
Just Paint.

I'm glad everyone likes the blog. I must offer a sincere and most grateful Thank you to everybody who's taken the time to read/join my blog and who's commented on my stuff. (Google Analytics tells me everything.) I may not have hundreds of readers, but I have the best. They keep my little blog quite lively. I'm very appreciative of this fact. I'm still baffled by the number of people read it.

I know it doesn't mean much, but I do try to comment on at least one blog everyday just show folks somebody's listening. It's my only way of giving back and supporting my other bloggers. I like comments, so I figures, other folks do too. The the best advice I can give on blogging is to be active.

What do I enjoy the most? The "community" that happens to be slowly building as we network across the inter-webs. Some of these guys around the Blog-Sphere do some amazing work that really inspires me. No matter what, I'm very pleased to be part of this experience.

The pictures are all my gaming shelves (pardon the dust) because I couldn't think of anything else to photograph for this post. For the most part, this is all my painted stuff... without the new Dark Eldar. EDIT: I went back and took a few more pictures and added them to the spam post.

One last note: Zealot and I have decided to join forces to better promote the awesomeness that is the all "painted game" experience. Now you can look forward to seeing all his work here in the near future. Plus he loaded up his older content, so make sure to check it all out.

You join blog? Why Not?
Thanks again for reading and stop being lame.
Paint something!

March 09, 2011

Warhammer 40k Battlescape

Well, after a weekend of paint work the Battlescape is complete. Something about a wreaked out Rhino, just appeals to the old Xenos player in me. I tried to keep the paint job as natural as possible that way it would blend on the table. The Rhino is painted up as a defunct Space Marine Chapter.(Really, just any old excuse to use Rotting Flesh and Devlan Mud.) I also used a little bit of static grass to cover up any major gaps between the trees and the base and I might add some more later on. 

I only a few comments on this kit... the mold lines on the trees too forevermore and day to scrap off. After all the effort it took to get them cleaned up, I still missed one or two. The kit has just the right amount of detail on it, but not a single bullet casing to be found. Not that big of deal, but I just found that a bit odd.

Hmm... Grey Knights...

1. The Dread Knight is just preview of how smooth a some New Tau Battle-suits might be...

2. Games Workshop is marketing genius to cram 4 different squad lay-outs into the power armor set.

Get yer' wallets ready!

March 05, 2011

Cross Blog Promotion: SCW's Barter Bucket

edit: you can find all the models on this blog now!

One of my long time gaming partners is cleaning off the shelf this week on Santa Cruz Warhammer's Barter Bucket. If painted Inquisitor stuff is yer' thing I'd suggest you check them out. There is also a Space Marine Dreadnought and a wheelie-popping Tech-Marine.

Do you happen to be one last reaming defenders of Athel Loren? There is a stunning fully painted Wood Elf army that needs a home. Mr. Z is also hiding a huge box of other stuff that you should pester him into posting up too!

On my end of things, I've slowly working on the Battlescape terrain set for the past two days and should have something to post by Monday. Also I'm going to check into getting some magnets over weekend before one of my Raiders break.

Lastly, a humble and respectful Thank You, to the gentlemen at Santa Cruz Warhammer for the thankless job of running The Bucket. I've never used it myself, but it's a awesome idea considering how much it cost to deal with E-bay these days. The fact you "trade" models across the internet is simply genius. It's nice to see the Blog Sphere provides such a valuable service.

March 03, 2011

Random Wargame Pics.

I'm not going to bore you with a detailed recount of my latest defeat. The pictures kinda tell the story all by themselves. The smart thing to do...

1.Would have been to use the building to my right to cut off one the major firing lanes.

2.Instead of jetting off to no where with the bikes, I should have used them as my cover shield to gain advantage of the mid-field. I would have still suffered the some loses, but everything would have been concentrated on my turn 3 to break the damn Chimera wall.

3. Dark Lances are never to be counted on. It's just dice ,but the Ravagers definitely underperformed this game. I rolled up like 15 or more shots between the two gunships and only destroyed one tank.

4. Remember your War-gear. I never rolled up my combat drugs, completely forgot about the bikes extra assault move, then forgot my Hami's have Acid guns, and I also forgot roll Flicker Fields for two of my Raiders during the game. Simple mistakes that all add up to same result.  

Well, that sums up my learning points from this game. There is always next time....