September 20, 2011

V is for Vyper.

Who would think that these tiny craft would be the cornerstone for my army reaching 2k. If there's one thing I've learned about Av. 10 skimmers is that one is never enough! The only survivability they have on the table is in pure numbers and lucky saves.

That's why I got two...

One big decision will be what rides in these craft. It's something that's going to need worked out as I finalize the list. Beyond the three blaster set-up, I'm open to any suggestions to what would be the ideal unit? I'd like to try a unit of High Born with Splinter Cannons for just the right amount of overkill. It seems like it could be a great follow up unit to what the dark lances manage to crack open. Anyways, I'll post up some progress in the next few days, but it's going to a little bit of time to finish off these models.

September 15, 2011

Worst. Blog. Ever.

What else can be said for the lack of activity that’s occurred over the summer?

I’m not going to waste time with excuses.... The best part about the hobby is when you take a break, no matter how long; everything will be there when you get back from hobby holiday. Besides, the internet seemed just fine during my absence.

Sure, the paints may be a little dry out and you can’t find the glue, but ya’ gotta start somewhere! Let’s begin with something small and see where the inspiration takes us.

Mr. Z really wants to start heading down to the LGS to drum up some 40k games. Not that big of deal, but it seems they play bigger games in that neck of the woods. The Dark Eldar sit close the 2k mark, yet the list leaves much to be desired. It’s not really even a list, more like everything that I have painted and some extra gear. Just a few more units would fill out the ranks nicely and make the army stronger.

The other side project is some new terrain pieces for the Mordheim table. The summer campaign that I had wished for never happened, (I blame myself) but that’s not going to stop me from giving some more love to one of my favorite games.

So I'm going to make some new lists, build some models, paint them, and continue to lose miserably... while blogging about it all for your enjoyment!


Well hey we did get some games in though didn't we? And we have warbands ready to go now, should the interest spark in some new players. After we paint up the rest of this terrain we should get another game or two in before we dive into this 2k 40k malarkey :p
- mr editor zealot

August 03, 2011

Painted Adeptus Mechanicus Chimera Pic

Wasn't intending on getting another chimera right now but since Larry snagged a nice haul from one of our less-motivated friends' failed projects I decided to get it painted up and ready for play. It has magnetized weapons but he glued the lasguns in place. LO fucking L. I sure do love saving models from obscurity and getting them painted and played with, though!

July 19, 2011

Mordheim Madness

The City of the Dammed has been overrun by the vile Skaven and the only thing stopping them is the Brave men of the Empire. Under ash choked skies, the factions of the Old World battle for glory and domination over the lost City.

Early skirmish reports, tell the tale of victory for the Mutilator and his minions. In a desperate fight around the Forgotten Tomb, the overwhelming numbers of Rat-men were the undoing of Walter and his Mercenaries. The reward was rich one as the Skaven chased off their beaten foes. A  Incredible bounty of Wyrdstone was the prize, fueling future hopes of Skaven glory.

In the aftermath, despite the rich haul of loot, the seer of the Skaven war band was gravely injured and must spend time healing the wound. While the Empire with it's numerous wounded warriors made out of rather well without loss or other setback. Now each side stands poised to battle once more in The City of the Dammed. 

June 19, 2011

Random Wargame Pics.

Hi Everybody!

It's been quite some time now since I've posted something and the guilt was starting to get to me. Unfortunately, the Paint Brushes are on a extended vacation and I really don't have any new hobby stuff to share.  All I've got is some random battle pictures of the past few games.

June 09, 2011

Painted Grey Knights

Tabletop standard. Will probably stay this way for a while. 1500 pts done!

May 28, 2011

Honored Imperium

What's up gang?

The end of May is usually a busy time for me and it always cuts into my hobby time. Things are starting to settle down around here and it's time to work. There are still a few terrain projects I want/need to wrap up before the crazy bionic bird-men make the scene next week.

Project #1 more Craters for the table. The Blastscape looked all lonely and a battlefield can never have too much devastation. The #2 Project is the infamous Space Marine Statue and it's other components. What 40k table is complete with-out this grim reminder of the Imperial might? I'm hoping to work on the stuff over the next few days and will post something up over the holiday.

May 19, 2011

Zealot's trade/sale post yay

Soooo.. things are kinda tight around here so I decided I'm gonna sell/trade some stuff to make things easier on myself and free up some more precious space in my small apartment. :D I can consider trades if you have skullz promo mechanicus models or anything mechanicus from the rogue trader era. I'm accepting offers via email zealot (at) gmail . com (pics below list) Paypal is my preferred/only method of payment.

Here's what I've got:
  • Box of old nurgle randomness - 3 metal bodies and 1 plastic body w/assorted bits and some bases (new)
  • 10 old metal cultists (new)
  • all the extra sprues/bits from my wood elf army in a box
  • brand new gale force nine plyers and files - never used them just sat around
  • a bag of gw flying bases
  • random flagellants on round bases (painted) (penal legion or mechanicus stand ins)
  • mystic/sage henchman (painted)
  • 2 heavy bolter servitors (painted)
  • 7x stormtrooper. 2 have plasma guns and one has plasma pistol/boltgun/auspex (painted)
  • inquisitor w/book model (bolter clipped off and gone in the warp) (painted)
  • 2x praetorian lascannon blisters (new in box)
  • praetorian guard blister (2 troopers) (new in box)
  • col shaffer (new in box)
  • highly converted techmarine on a bike w/all wargear and *adjustable* wheelie (painted)

May 07, 2011

Space Marine Give Away Winner!

Thanks to everyone for entering the contest and a small thank to The Winner should contact us by e-mail by next Saturday to claim the prize. If you didn't win this time there is more give-a-ways soon, so stay tuned.

'Ze Winner is....H.C.118

Congratulations and thanks to everyone that entered.

May 06, 2011

Warhammer 40k Blastscape: Finished

The hobby time was plentiful this week and it made painting up the set rather easy task. I went with the neutral Grey scheme so the pieces would blend on both tables. After a Heavy Ink Wash and allot of Dry-Brushing, all there was left to do was add a bit of color. Nothing fancy, but I wanted it to contrast with the Grey. Overall, they turned out decent and add some flare to the Ice world. I could even use a few of them for for Warhammer Games.

Don't forget about the Give-away.....

May 05, 2011

It's the Style Awards!!!!


It seems Tristan over at Gwpertinent has nominated my boring old blog for something called the Stylish Blogger Awards.  I’ve been chosen to participate in a form of good will internet chain letter. Well,I’d like say that I’m quite tickled to be recognized by one of the community.  For one to be honored by one’s peers is the best kind kudos.

This is what Tristan has to say via the Copy/Pasta:

“The Stylish Blogger Award given from one blogger to another one might say, is like a pat on the back for a good job. It's definitely a viral, zombie-like spread of good will so it's too good to pass up.”

The rules;
Thank and link back to the person giving you the award
Share seven things about yourself
Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award
Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award. 

First of all, I’d like to offer a huge Thank you to Tristan for the nomination. If you don’t read his blog, I think that you should go fix that right now. It's filled with great content on some of my favorite old school games; Blood-Bowl, Mordheim and Necromunda.

I highly recommend heading over that way and see what’s new on Tristan’s side of the Inter-webs. I also may be a little bias for the simple fact he always commenting on my own blog with helpful suggestions that I really appreciate.

Fun Facts:
    1. “I have a policy to never talk about myself because it’s boring.”

    2. Larry saw The Fellowship of the Ring 3 times on opening day back into 2001.

    3. I have a one daughter, who is quite the digital artist. I constantly beg for Art for the blog but she never draws me anything.   

    4. I don’t watch the Television and I rarely play video games. This explains all my free time to constantly paint.

    5. The Tag-line at the top of the blog is inspired by Garrison Keillor.

    6. Refer to #1.

    7. Refer to #6.

    My Stylish Blogger Awards go to folks who just blog for the blog of it. They are hobbyists who keep me going when the motivation is starting to lag. Here they are in no particular order…
    Noestes-- A true artist. He hasn't been able to blog lately, but one of my faves.
    Sons of Taurus-- Anyone who makes Light-up Blast Markers is guy I want to play games with!
    Xenos and Proud-- A younger gentlemen, but a fresh and fun perspective on the hobby.
    Opposing Forces-- They don't blog much, but they have the most amazing city table.
    Drinkin and Modelin--Blood-bowl and Beer all in one blog.
    Eldar addict-- One of the better hobby blogs out there.
    Anarchy's Heart-- He just finished up an 40k Escalation league with his Chaos demons. Very entertaining.
    A Gamer's Blog-- Jr. has just started up and has some well thought out ideas.
    Faeit 212 -- Thank you for all the rumor round ups!
    W40ktenerife-- It's in Spanish, but they post up some incredible photos and models.

    I'm done and have some emails to send.

    May 03, 2011

    Warhammer 40k Blastscape

    Well, it's been a quiet week here around the hobby table. I haven't the time to sit down to do anything major due to numerous outside distractions. Yesterday was the only real chance I had to "hobby" and did not let it go to waste.

    I stopped the by the LGS, earlier in the week to find this buried and forgotten gem. I thought it was just the regular Crater Set, but I was wrong. It turned out to be the limited edition BlastScape from the PlanetStrike Expansion. No matter, the rest of my Sunday was spent basing and priming. Hopefully, I will find some time to work on them over this week and I'll post up the progress.

    Also don't forget to join up for the Give-Away before this Saturday!!!

    May 02, 2011

    P.Y.T's Space Marine Give-Away!

    Hi everybody!

    Z and I were talking the other day and decided to have another Contest/Give-away. It’s a pretty straight forward, Join the blog and get the chance to win a free box of the old metal Death Company and Dark Angel Sargent shown here. To further sweeten the deal, there is also included an Apothecary model and Heavy Plasma gun kit. All you have to do to enter, after subscribing, is leave a comment on this post!

    We’ll draw the winner at random next Saturday, May, the 7th and post up the results on the blog here. You'll have one week to contact us by e-mail to claim the prize.

    If you don’t win this round do not despair; there's plenty more free goodies to be given away later this summer. Also, if you don't know what that image at the top of the blog page is, click on it! Heroes of Armageddon is really cool charity project involving WH40k.

    April 25, 2011

    Space Marine Test Model Pt. 2

    Instead of me fooling around with more test models, I decided to sit down and paint up one of the Magnet Marines. As wisely suggested, I took pictures at different angles this time around, so you can see the whole mini. 

    I must admit this single model was quite a pain in my @$$. The Magnets would spin around, so my answer was to glued them in place with the tiniest dab of glue on the joints.  Later I would drop it and the most of the Magnets popped out super glued the arms and not the torso.

    Despite the set-backs, I finished out the model. For the most part, I’m pretty pleased with how it looks. It would take a long time to build up an entire army this way, but I think the effort would equal the reward. Now I just have to paint up his other set of war-gear and we can call this model finished.

    April 24, 2011

    Modified 1500 pt GK List & thoughts

    Thought I'd throw a post out here while I have some thoughts on units from this relatively new codex. I've gotten two games in with the Grey Knight book and so far I'm finding it enjoyable. Both were vs Larry's Mechanized Dark Eldar, the first being Kill Points - which I took, and the second being capture and control which resulted in a draw. I'm thinking him and I will be experiencing the growing pains of using a new list together, as we both could easily find a few mistakes we made in those games. That being said, 40k shows its prowess as a great game by being something that you can always get better at.

    Here's my updated list with my thoughts in italics:
    100 Coteaz - this guy allows me to take =I= henchmen as troops and isn't too shabby for his points cost. Sanctuary played a role by preventing some wyches from charging and I can definately see it coming into play more in the future.

    100 Banisher w/Eviscerator, 7 Psykers - bumped these guys up to 7 for the higher Strength. Only drawback to this squad is when they fry themselves.
    60 Chimera w/Hull Heavy Flamer & Dozer Blade

    42 2 Plasma, Flamer - I'm not saying this is the best unit ever but I feel like taking a unit like this could be pretty good in the long run. During the first game I played with them, the KP mission, they simply acted as a mobile firebase in their chimera. Their low numbers didn't come into play because that particular transport didn't get destroyed. The second game I had my purifiers take their chimera and put them with the rest of my firebase on my objective. Their plasma did work, and eventually the flamer guy killed like 5 DE Warriors. So far so good.
    60 Chimera w/Hull Heavy Flamer & Dozer Blade

    147 3 Banishers w/Eviscerator, Crusader, Flamer, 7 Acolytes - A relatively simple CC troops choice with the ability to carve up armor as well as negate a few saves when it's clutch. The unit is cheap and can fit in a Chimera if I need them to. The flamer is a cheap way to keep them a bit more killy and flexible. Most of the time these guys will slog it up the middle of the battlefield with the transports for cover.

    145 Grey Knight Strike Squad w/2 Psycannons, MC Daemonhammer, 2 Nemesis Force Halberds - I was playing these guys as purifiers in the last game but I could tell that they will end up playing more of an anchor to most of my games, shooting and doing cc as a counter-assault unit if need be, so I swapped them over to Strike Squad status to render them scoring. Deep Strike and the ability to hop in a Chimera make the unit versatile.

    134 Banisher w/Eviscerator, 2 Jokaero Weaponsmith, Flamer, 5 Acolyte - Jokaero's are cool and they don't seem half bad so far! This is my anchor unit. If I stick Coteaz with them they can be pretty nasty on the 'I've been waiting for you' rule. Very stoked to see a unit with Multi-melta abilty like this and being able to kit the unit out with an Eviscerator and flamer and still keep on the cheap is pretty cool imo. The fact that this unit can just up and move with the rest of my force and still be effective makes this unit one that I'll be watching to see how much I can eek out of them.

    150 Dreadnought w/Psybolt Ammunition, Assault Cannon & Missile Launcher - Not the most ideal loadout but hey, it's built and painted so I'm gonna give it a few go arounds. Hasn't been amazing yet but hasn't been bad. S7 Assault Cannons with Rending are cool.

    145 Vindicare Assassin - HOly Shit GW!

    145 Callidus Assassin - She still seems to be pretty damn good. First game I had her hop out of a unit that was in CC (doing d6 S4 hits during my f-ing movement phase lol) and use her flamer template on another unit. Dipped through a building the next turn due to move through cover and fleet and commenced carvin up some Warriors. Just don't roll horrible on your reserves k thx

    270 Dreadknight w/Psycannon, Nemesis Greatsword & Personal Teleporter - HOO HOO! Shunt is pretty fricking cool and if you compare this beast to a Demon Prince (which are good imo) it looks even tastier. The Greatsword might not have a million attacks on the charge but the re-rolls (and cool giant sword) are worth it. Get yourself a cover save though kiddos, that 5+ don't last long unless you roll like me.


    EDIT: after a few days, here's my further chopped-down list. Found the points for EA on the Chimeras which is pretty necessary imo

    100 Coteaz

    76 Acolyte, 7 Psykers
    75 Chimera w/Hull Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor & Dozer Blade

    42 2 Plasma, Flamer
    75 Chimera w/Hull Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor & Dozer Blade
    147 3 Banishers w/Eviscerator, Crusader, Flamer, 7 Acolytes

    140 Grey Knight Strike Squad w/2 Psycannons, Daemonhammer, 2 Nemesis Force Halberds

    134 Banisher w/Eviscerator, 2 Jokaero Weaponsmith, Flamer, 5 Acolyte

    150 Dreadnought w/Psybolt Ammunition, Assault Cannon & Missile Launcher

    145 Vindicare Assassin

    145 Callidus Assassin

    270 Dreadknight w/Psycannon, Nemesis Greatsword & Personal Teleporter


    image used without permission from artist

    April 19, 2011

    WIP Dreadknight & 1500 Pt List

    I didn't get the purifiers painted up yet so I'm gonna use this list for my next game.

    100 Coteaz

    120 Banisher w/Eviscerator, 6 Psykers, Flamer, 4 Acolytes
    75 Chimera w/Extra Armor, Hull Heavy Flamer & Dozer Blade

    42 2 Plasma, Flamer
    75 Chimera w/Extra Armor, Hull Heavy Flamer & Dozer Blade

    143 3 Banishers w/Eviscerator, Crusader, Flamer, 6 Acolytes

    134 Banisher w/Eviscerator, 2 Jokaero Weaponsmith, Flamer, 5 Acolyte

    150 Dreadnought w/Psybolt Ammunition, Assault Cannon & Missile Launcher

    110 Techmarine w/Master Crafted Daemon Hammer, Rad Grenades

    145 Vindicare Assassin

    145 Callidus Assassin

    270 Dreadknight w/Psycannon, Nemesis Greatsword & Personal Teleporter


    Space Marine Test Model

    I'm not sure where I was going with this scheme. I wanted something metallic, but not silver. I wanted a color that would stand out on the table and at the same time would lend well to my wash-style of painting. After a few tests, we have the model that you see here. What I was trying to go for was... something regal or majestic, but it looks like it’s been in service for a very long time.

    I started out with a brown base coat, then follow by Shining gold, then a liberal wash of Leviathan Purple. Next, the highlights, going back to the Shining gold, and then layered with Burnished gold… A little bit of Mithril Silver along all the edges, and finally a coat of Gryphonne Sepia to blend it all together. A few lite coats of Devlan Mud to start the shading, in the final stages, I layered with purple and black wash to help further define and add tint.

    The little bit of color on the left shoulder pad is something to add more flair. I may just go back and make it all one solid color or keep it gold. The one thing is... the other marines are hybrids between the stranded kits and the new Death Company set. So, the next one will have more contrast with help of the shoulder pads and other details in the armor.

    Any comments or criticisms are always appreciated.

    April 14, 2011

    Video Battle Report #1 - IG vs DE @ 1500 pts

    We've thrown around a few ideas and settled on trying a quick video report. I'd like to encourage everyone to let us know what you think about the game, strategy, video format, etc. We are both pretty new to doing anything like this so bear with us.

    One thing we both noticed is how crazy 20/20 hindsight is when you can really pick apart what you did. We learned a lot more from this game and the one we recorded yesterday than we would have if it was only memory serving us. Youtube channel here

    Here's the IG list I used:

    210 Colonel Straken, Medic, 2x Bodyguard, Krak Grenades, Las Pistols

    115 Veteran Squad w/Powerfist, 2x Grenade Launcher, 1x Flamer

    105 Veteran Squad w/Powerfist, 2x Grenade Launcher, 1x Flamer
    65 Chimera w/Hull Heavy Flamer & Dozer Blade

    105 Veteran Squad w/Powerfist, 2x Grenade Launcher, 1x Flamer
    65 Chimera w/Hull Heavy Flamer & Dozer Blade

    115 Veteran Squad w/Powerfist, 3x Melta Gun
    55 Chimera w/Hull Heavy Flamer

    150 Hellhound w/Extra Armour & Smoke Launchers

    140 Valkyrie w/Multiple Rocket Pods & Sponson Heavy Bolters

    160 Manticore

    215 Leman Russ Vanquisher w/Pask & Hull Lascannon


    Here's the DE list:

    The Baroness IE: Baron Systhonyx.

    8 Hellions

    10 Warriors
    Splinter Cannon
    Flicker Field
    Night Shield--195 Pts.
    (2 Units)

    10 Wyches
    1 w/Shard-net
    Phantom Grenade launcher
    Hay Wire Grenades
    Night Shields
    Flicker Field

    Night shields
    Flicker Fields
    (2 Units)
    6 Jet Bikes

    2 w/ Heat Lances

    3-Trueborn w/ Blasters
    Night Shield
    Flicker Field

    5 Mandrakes


    Painted Crusader (GK Henchman)

    I decided to mess around with the GK book this week once I finally really looked into it and realized how much room I had to use my mechanicus models with the army. I threw together a halfway shoddy 1250 list from the stuff I have and a box of purifiers that I picked up. Going forward theres a bunch of stuff I can/will change but for now I"ll just leave you with pics and a list. I will say that I don't think crusader's are good and that I just wanted to finally paint this model and play with it after it's lay around for years. It's a great example of a fantastic model that never quite had anything good to do. He'll probably be sub par and get shelved lulz

    100 Coteaz

    129 Banisher w/Eviscerator, Jokaero Weaponsmith, 3 Psykers, Flamer, 5 Acolytes
    65 Chimera w/Hull Heavy Flamer & Dozer Blade

    1129 Banisher w/Eviscerator, Jokaero Weaponsmith, 3 Psykers, Flamer, 5 Acolyte
    65 Chimera w/Hull Heavy Flamer & Dozer Blade

    143 3 Banishers w/Eviscerator, Crusader, Flamer, 6 Acolytes

    54 2 Plasma, Flamer, 3 Acolytes

    150 Dreadnought w/Extra Armour, Psybolt Ammunition, Assault Cannon & Missile Launcher

    113 Techmarine w/Daemon Hammer, Rad Grenades, Servo Skull

    156 5 Purifiers w/2 Psycannon, Master Crafted Daemonhammer, 2 Nemesis Force Halberds

    145 Vindicare Assassin