March 16, 2011

Barter Bucket win/plug

Just made out on a great barter bucket sale and I just have to link over to Santa Cruz Warhammer and thank them again. If you don't know they have a weekly trade/sale list that helps people find specific stuff as well as consolidating our 'unused goods' into collections where they can serve their purpose! Not only is this great for everyone's budget it's also a way for us to enrich our gaming community as a whole and reduce our waste.*

Check out this box someones gettin mailed to them tomorrow! Tons of bits, some chaos marines, and partial guard sprues (& something free of course). He said he's got a converted army project as well as orks and already has big plans for what he saw in the pics I sent him. Thanks again to my buyer. (Don't forget I've still got all this stuff and I'm still selling my autumn themed Wood Elves.)

* Nurgle players may actually wish to increase their waste. :)

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