March 22, 2011

City of Death Repaint Pt.1

Despite my various setbacks over the past week, I have managed to start one project that is long overdue.  My City of Death buildings have been in dire need of attention. Back when I first got the kits, I was in a hurry to get them together and on the table as soon as possible. That was like over 3 years ago...

If I had my way, I’d be cutting and hacking up some new Styrofoam hills for the table, but it’s not that nice outside. Instead, we’ll just spruce up the buildings for now. I didn’t want to start over completely; I’d already done some work on the gold skulls and other details. It was better to just bust out the Metallic paints and washes and have a go. 

These two are what I’ve managed to finish so far and I still four more to paint up. It’s a bit sloppy, but I’m just trying to drag out more contrast in the models and not spend the time it would actually take to paint up these insanely detailed kits. 

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