March 31, 2009

Wonderful Plumage....

I cant find the Avatar's I've been though every box and no luck. Just keep looking i guess... it's here some where? A few pics of what's been goi'n on in the Eldar hood. I might just wrap it all up here really soon, but not till the grav-tanks are done. Never... again will my paint brush touch a Eldar guardian... Never.

March 29, 2009

Ohh.. Mr. Boney Hands

Well just a small update today...I'm wrapinin up the 30 or so garudians tonite and looking for the plumage for my Avatar as I have finally found it's sword.

March 28, 2009


Well If anyone was wacthin i would apologize for the the lack of update yesterday, but no one is so....screw you guys! Slugging my way though the guardians. They look okay, but not the way i picture they would turn out. Oh well.. I manage to snag a wave serpent as my contribution to the army. Two grav tanks, 5 harlies, 6 dragons, 10 guardians, 2 warlock and 5 of the cool robot guys are all that's left. On the Warhammer flip side... I also rang up 3 Terrodon riders for the lizards. I'm real excited to have at the flying lizards, but will wait till the pansies are done. Hopefully... I'll be done at the end of the this week.

March 26, 2009

The battle rages on....

Right before the Eldar painting bug bit me. Mr. Ilg and I manage to play two more games a few weeks ago. The first one was a 1,000 Pt. rematch from the time before. Once more the Dryad and countless Archers spelled doom for my army. The high point for the Dark Elves was a single chariot running down two units in the final turns of the game. Go Lions....

How ever the next game was set up at 2,000 Pts and promised to be a great game. Still putting the finishing touches on my Dark Elves left me with a bit Hero-heavy army. Most of my points sunk into a Level 4 mage with D. Pegasus and the Hydra. Mr. Ilg brought his own Monsters as well in the shape of 2Treemen.

This game was a total disaster from the get go... then end was a loss well earned. Mr. Ilg took advantage of my errors and played a good game. Making my dark elves regret ever raid the woodland in first place.Thoughts....

1. If you spend a quarter of your army list on a single model. For love of Gawd... protect the model. Do not expose such units to unnecessary risk. If the model is a mage do not expect the magic phase to go the way you plan. The first turn I really thought between her and two units of cross bows could at least panic if not cripple a single unit of Hawk Riders....


I've lost a lot of games in my time, but never on the very 1st. turn. It nearly happened here. After the mishap my reward for such hopeful optimism was a return charge form the Hawk riders on my poor magic lady. Only a freak chance of luck does she live and for some reason. Mr Ilg ran away after the failed attempt. I would have stayed and locked her down for the rest of the game...but i think the Hydra sitting to her right there... panicked him at bit.

2.The Manticore is very squishy against the Wood Elves and there not much i can do about it other then use the table to my advantage while i cross the board. Maybe the Ring of Darkness, but thats all the hero's magic allowance. Only once has it made it to wood elf lines... the other two it was blasted from the sky.3. Tree men... not much to say here other than two will make short work of the Hydra every time. Mr. Ilg used them wonderfully and much to my dismay. Solution...Fire magic and Bolt thowers. Even with the charge they just are too tough and have too many wounds.

Great games both, and learned even more about my army each time we play. We have plan up one or two more before he returns to school. I let ya' know how they go.

Hey Kermmit....!

Well just small update on the progress of the past day.... I now officially hate guardians forever. It dawn on me while putting them together that I'll probably never play this army. I can think of 3 chaps off hand would jump at the chance... but I'm more of a hoard player when it comes to 40k. Oh well.... next up is the Mage priest from the lizards. I love the model...always have... a Dead mummified frog from space... says paint me.

March 25, 2009

So Lazy....

I spent the rest of the night glue those damn plastics together. It didn't leave much time for painting but i worked a little more on the base coat for the spiders. I had some more time, but I think playing with plastic glue for 3 hours straight made me sleepy. Oh well not the first time....

March 24, 2009

Damm you Ilg....

I really do think that i just lost a little bit of my soul cleaning all the mold lines of them plastics. When I began....should have counted how many of these bastards there were, I'd figured it was like a box so 16 or so.... No bid deal. After every things cleaned up. Much to my surprise 32 not 16. This may take awhile. You can see a freshly stripped Mangan-Ra or whatever his name is? I should be able to finsh up the spiders soon....

He went that way...!

Having to deal with whats in the box until I get a little cash flow...this army is very short on anti-tank. Sure i got your run of the mill Fire Dragon-combo, but beyond that it gets thin really quick. With the new Guard book just around the bend. I don't want to be caught short handed when the blitzkrieg arrives. So enter bright lances.... It's the best we got for right now.

March 23, 2009

Tricksy Elvess...

The paint has been flowing over the past day or so. The Falcon is something I painted like 10 years ago and just needs a bit of a touch up. I'm fast... but i don't think i could paint one in a single day. At this rate I should finish up everything worth salvaging out of the box by the end of the month. At least that the plan... I'd really hate to start this up and not finish it. The Fire dragons and some Harlies have hit paint stripper after i clean up the spiders and scorpions. I do have one problem though... I have 2 Grave tanks and only 2 canopies! I'm not sure what to do... or If you can even order them? I do promise soon a battle report about my Dark Elves... very...soon.

March 22, 2009

These guys...

I have finished up the Dire avengers to table-top standard. I will take family photo soon of what i have finished this week. Up next are those Rangers and some scorpions. I can wait to plop those damn rangers on the table and roll that 2+ save during a game. Causing my foe untold frustration and misery. Trust me i know... this unit is only 6 strong, but I've battle Eldar armies with 2 units of these guys 8 strong each. Oh my poor carines....

March 21, 2009


Down to the detail work and it's going to have to wait awhile till the hand heals. What a monster of a model... Allot of work but it was worth it.

March 20, 2009

It's only a flesh wound...

So... how can ya' just start up a project log and not update it for a few days? Reason? The Boss slammed a door on my hand a few days ago and the sucker has finally stopped bleeding. I'm big boy... but do have one complaint. It's bit of pain in the ass to paint right now. I can't balance my hand on the desk to do the really fiddly work. So... the past few days have been a bit of a wash. I've put down the lizards in favor of a few base coats on the evil space hippies.

March 19, 2009

What's this all about?

I'm not the best model maker.
I'm not the best painter.
I don't win every game.

What I am is one guy with one paint brush and a prolific amount of enthusiasm for the hobby.
What does that translate into?
Some the sexiest looking games on the inter-webs. 

That's my mission. Plenty of guys want to talk about toy soldiers but nobody wants to paint them. Two fully painted armies and modeled table used to be the standard in war-gaming. Now those days seem long gone...

Image shamelessly stolen from Wiki-something or other.

March 15, 2009

We represent the the lolly pop guild...

Well...hell. A small update on the crew as i managed to get some base coats down on the Skinks. Still working on the dino. I learned once more... if your in bad mood don't go the hobby store... you can't help but spend money and all you do is end up with more work.... I mean painting.

March 13, 2009


Well... here's a update on the steggie. After four hours of work this is far as we got. This thing got more flesh folds, nooks and crannies then my fat ex- girl. Oh well... I'm so afraid to give it the day light test... nothing to do but, just keep at it until it's done.

March 12, 2009


Well after some cutting and glue'n. I have to present to you the mighty unpainted Stegodon and all it's parts. I had dreams of running three of the monster at 3,000 points... after all the assembly... i have my doubts. Don't get me wrong this thing is a great model full of all sorts of extras & bits. It makes for a great centerpiece to the lizard man battle line. I've been waiting awhile to get my hands on this beast and updating my lizards.
I will paint the dinosaur, Howdah, skinks all separate so I don't go insane. Something in the back of my mind tells me this is one of those jobs where you just paint on forever and still not get all the detail done. Oh well... this only thing I have on the table right now besides the rangers so I'll take my time.

Back to the Future...

Well after a second test game... my long time buddy Mr. Ilg. Out the kindness of his heart has given me more Eldar then i ever care to paint. This army has traded hands a few times and fate brought the evil space elves back into my corner of the 40k. universe.

As you can see - kinda- the box is all kinds of of original 90's aspect warriors, War walkers and Waithlords. I took a given promise that i would never sell them and give them some new paint. So I'd better bust out the paint least my orks will get to kick around the pansies a bit.

I will write up a little summery soon on the latest battle...

March 11, 2009

This is only a test...

Well after months of hard painting and long nights. I got to play my first 1,000 Point game of Warhammer. If you must ask... yes, it was good. For me I don't get to play often so such a thing must be savored and enjoyed. This was a practice game and just to feel the rules out. If i had to grade myself... I get an F-. It was only a test.

First, lets get the facts out of the way. I lost.

It was tough fight but due to some key mental errors on half gave the game to my canny and long time Arch foe... Mr. Ilg and his evil and tricksy Elves. Kudos to him and his win. Here's just a few shot of the games set-up and progress.

Key Thoughts.

1. Charge Arcs. Warhammer is not 40k. I must remember this at all times. I lost out on charge with my cold ones during the 2nd turn. If I don't get a handle on this... I might as well go back and hop in my War truck.

2. Support Charges. To win a combat in a single turn never count on just a unit for pull it off. I need to coordinate better during deployment and 1st turn Advance. No extra dice like in 40k. What you get in is on the profile. So...know your odds. Dryads are Evil and mean. They need to be teamed up on to be taken down.

3. Learn to pass Stupidity test. I'm not sure how this going to happen but it must. Pray to the Dice Gods, increase my Mojo, get some Karma. I don't care how many old ladies I must help cross the street! What ever it takes.... I had the advantage and a few dumb-@$$'s cost me the game. Stalling out my middle till the Third turn of the game- Lazy Lions- was the nail the in coffin.

Overall this was a great learning experience for the both of us. With all the paint on the board the game was awesome either way!The one rule to winning a game, remembering your stuff. Time for reinforcements and pull out all them arrows. Ouch!

Plans of the old ones....

This is the first post... huh? Not every exciting is it? Well just you wait...buddy. This was going to be a Warhammer Fantasy blog as it seems to me that 40k gets all the Internet love. I had my plan all in mind... but the itch is getting to me. You know the one ya get in the back o' head after G. W. thinks of new and evil scheme to take our money! The past few months of Ork releases have me thinking green instead of lizard man orange.

After much debate is will just treat this a general project log, but try to give Warhammer some of the spot light. Playing both games as it's advantages so can be covering both be wrong?