March 05, 2011

Cross Blog Promotion: SCW's Barter Bucket

edit: you can find all the models on this blog now!

One of my long time gaming partners is cleaning off the shelf this week on Santa Cruz Warhammer's Barter Bucket. If painted Inquisitor stuff is yer' thing I'd suggest you check them out. There is also a Space Marine Dreadnought and a wheelie-popping Tech-Marine.

Do you happen to be one last reaming defenders of Athel Loren? There is a stunning fully painted Wood Elf army that needs a home. Mr. Z is also hiding a huge box of other stuff that you should pester him into posting up too!

On my end of things, I've slowly working on the Battlescape terrain set for the past two days and should have something to post by Monday. Also I'm going to check into getting some magnets over weekend before one of my Raiders break.

Lastly, a humble and respectful Thank You, to the gentlemen at Santa Cruz Warhammer for the thankless job of running The Bucket. I've never used it myself, but it's a awesome idea considering how much it cost to deal with E-bay these days. The fact you "trade" models across the internet is simply genius. It's nice to see the Blog Sphere provides such a valuable service.

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zealot said...

I'll give a thumbs up!

and yes, thanks to SCW for helpin us out with the Barter Bucket! It's great