March 17, 2011

Painted Manticore & Plug for 'A Gamer's Blog'

This tank was easily knocked out in the last two days. It still impresses me how much better the 'new' kits come together when I'm assembling them. I'm also interested to see how this thing performs on the table.

Also, one of my more favorite 40k writers, JR (aka 'Prince of Excess' on Librarium, where I found him) got a blogspot going and I just wanted to send some reader his way. You'll definately be interested if you like real talk about the game that's actually relevent and current to the meta-game. I traditionally have had a rough time finding knowledgeable writers that really understand the game on a larger philosophical level and personally, I think this guy is spot on. Don't miss his breakdown of the Grey Knights book.

(sorry the second pic is blurry.. I'm gonna have to grab another tripod if I'm gonna take pics at home like this again)


Mordian7th said...

Love it - the Manticore looks fantastic! I really need to get around to painting mine, and I think you've inspired me to do so. Keep up the great work!

Max said...

Nice work there! Manticores are badasses on the field and such lovely minis to paint.

Larry said...

Do you want to try my mini tripod sometime? I'm glad you got it painted up so quick. That way we can play some bigger games in the future.