May 30, 2009

Hrud Warriors

Here are the last ten of the Warriors. All Base coated with a single layer of white primer. Followed by a thick black wash. I've seen a bunch of articles on the Internet offering the advice of black or white primer, but this how I base coat. The ink allows for the white to show through to help build up bright colors if need. At the same time it gets in all the hard to reach spots and adds an instant layer of depth and shadow. This set up lends itself to ink and wash painters... but hey, that just my style.

May 29, 2009

Green stuff is Shiny.

More Hrud Monster mayhem! Hopefully, I will get some paint on these guy this weekend. I hope... the work has stalled a bit for one reason or the other... this week. Distractions where left and right. I will paint this group over the next two days. It must happen as the old ones are waiting. I really did try to take some pictures of the all the finished Hrud warriors, but the darn putty keeps reflecting the flash. It's time to just throw on the base coat... see if that helps it or not. They do have allot of green stuff on them.

So.... I built this thing. I don't know... if i like it yet? Mr. Ilg commented that it looked like a Nid! Which took me by surprise. Mr. Z, thinks it should hover over the ground in some way. It had a horn, I broke it off. It was kinda puny. So... I'll dwell on this one while painting.

May 25, 2009

Squidmen assemble

This is it gang! This past Sat. nite... I stayed up way too late and spent the time knee deep in green putty. With files in hand... the Hrud Warriors finally have appeared and taken shape. Got all the squid head's done.... all ten! With the add bonus of finishing all face tendrils. I'm 5 Kilts and 30 Hair Tendrils away from finishing the squad.

Now i did take a bunch of pics as i did the work, but my camera skills are not in the same league as my putty. So... most turned out crummy... I will fix that in the next day or so.

They last picture is random. The infestation has grown.... time to paint.
Real squids wear skrits.

May 23, 2009

Centaurs and squids

This is were i struggle with my blog... I never know what to say. I could post pictures of my work every day and never run out stuff to upload. When it comes to a little text around the darn pics.
I am at total loss.
So, here's the goods...

May 21, 2009

It needs a Name...

Not much to say... other then the base needs done. I could go over it with a black wash and darken up some of the recesses. I was also thinking about putting the flame effect onto it's feet as they look sorta plain.
I like it... so just may call it quits for now.
Get work on the last of the green stuff on the Warriors.

This monster will "Count as" Fate Weaver for sake of the game. The reason is very simple on the why. Both it's special rules are a great bonus/flaw that adds some flavor to army and how it plays. Tough yet skittish squid monsters.

May 20, 2009

All over the place

Monday nights are the best night for me to get down with my Mini's with my current schedule. That's if... I don't end up playing a game. No Dice on the game... so here's the efforts of last nights sit down. Got allot done. So I'm pretty happy.

I can't wait to throw this guy on the board!
Oh... Hello little... Gurd'sman.
What's that a Tank?
Better stop now... and go paint. I'm being silly.

May 18, 2009

Before and After

Back again with the best pic of the bunch after my second attempt. With out fail all but a few turned out blurry. The first picture has the 12 snakes in the starting base coat. The second has just 11 as one turned out to be... *squished* Only to be reborn as the test model for the paint scheme. That was big help in a way... as was clueless when i started.

The next set is of the test model result from my last post. Ended up with 3 "Blood Crushers." I had to really rummage around to find the last bits to make the set. Got really lucky to find them all. Not too sure but, i think... they need 50mm bases to be real/legal Crushers. A Very easy fix that i will deal with later on.

May 16, 2009

Round up...

In the middle of the construction frenzy this week, I did manage to pick up a brush and start the base coat on the HQ. choices for the Hrud. I'll be honest with all the glue, green stuff and Background. Not much thought has gone into the painting end of the project. I was thinking of waiting till i had everything constructed but, why wait? The highlight for the week has to be the completion of my Warp Snakes. I took some pics of the beasties but they turn out all blurry.
Now the army has 2 fully painted troops slots filled.

May 14, 2009

Test Model and Army List

I'm pretty sure this what we are going to throw down at 1,000. It's tough and compact. By no means is this tested in battle, but something tells me that Fate Weaver at that points level is wrong. Down side... I have alot of points tied up in just 2 units. Hmmm...

Depending on my mood... always the option of splitting the Horrors to gain the extra scoring unit. Only need to make and paint about half dozen or so models to put on the this list wins as it will lead to the quicker game. Thats is good.

10 Horrors with bolt and the changeling--185.

10 Plague Bearers with Icon.--190.

Fate Weaver-- 333.

D. Prince with Mark of Z. Soul Eater, Bolt of Change/ D. Gaze. Master of S. and Iron Hide.--210.

2 Blood crushers --80.

I finally sat down to assemble the warriors and started on my blood crusher test model. Never get to 1,500 with out a second unit of squid monsters! The project is finally turning at the corner... Just a little more work.

May 11, 2009

My Thoughts on the New Gurd Book.....

First of all... I would like to stay on the topic of the secretive Hrud.

Instead of going on about Psykic Choirs or Poison spitting tanks. Don't even get me started about the New plastic Flying bases. No... instead, I'll talk a wee bit... about the fluff inside the book. Well... if you have read the Noteworthy list of battles in the new Guard book, it seems Ole' Mr. Creed had our number and put our kind in even further decline.

This is only a insult compared to the mortal wound dealt to us by that blasted thrice dammed Eldrad! It seems any time some random 40k Smecial Character needs to kick butt... my Hrud are the First in line. Now... I know how Squats feel.

Geez... can't wait for commander Hot-stuff of the Tau Empire to Blast us off some forgotten asteroids Or the newest Dark Elf sadistic half-necked she-beast to eat our poor souls.

Hmmm...?I'll get you Creed... and your little Krell too!

The blurry pics are of my 10 Hrud warriors who escaped the cleansing of the Imperial Crusade. I want one more unit of 10, but rather put off at the moment.

All the green stuff on the other models has taxed my brains. As you can see somewhere under all that putty was a Ghoul model from the new Counts range. I took all the left over Fleshborers from my Gaunts. Add one Kroot barrel on the gun and few armor plates.
Then Green stuff... allot of it!
I need to build 10 more...
I need to build 10 more...
I need da... Uuuggh.

Guess, I need to take better Pictures too.
Ya' thought you were gonna read about Marbo!

May 10, 2009

Monster Mash pt.3

It's alive!!!
It's to the point... anymore it will start to look funky.

I like it... It should tower over the Drider conversion I am planning, and as a add bonus this critter makes for nice center piece to army. The best the part? The model did not cost me a dime. All the Bitz were left over from my Nid swarm back when the 4th Ed. Codex had me go'in all buggie.

I like it even more....Any thoughts folks?

May 07, 2009

I made a List...

Okay, as things narrow down on the construction side. I still have allot of sculpting and 10 Warriors to go... I finally took the time to make out the army list for my lil' ole' monster army. It's been stuck back in head... it was just the matter of little math.

At 1,500.


10 Horror's with bolt of Tzeencth.

10 Horror's with Bolt and changeling.

12 Plague Bearers with Icon

5 Flamers with the Bolt.

D. Prince of Z. with Iron Hide, master of sorcery, Bolt and Breath of change.

I can whittle here and there to make an Nice round 1,000. I think/hope.

After all that I have around 400 pts to play around with. I think one more D. Prince would be keen and plan on build one soon any way... still after that it leave me with around 200 pts. For one more solid unit.

I hear Blood Crusher are... Okay, and/or maybe some fiends! I could be real *BLEEP* and build a few Heralds of Slannesh to start drag-in' my enemy around. One the other hand Gamer-side of me knows this army needs one more troop choice to make it dead hard... i just really wanna make something cool.Enter Bug man or the Changling.... this is what i've been foolin around with while crab monsters's green has to dry. Bitz and glue are a terrible mix...

On the Game side... i get my second chance Vrs. the New Gurd Codex soon. I is a bit ascared!

May 06, 2009

Monster Mash pt 2.

Well... here it is. Not real sure where to go from here. I know that there should be a few more tendrils on the back and in the front to fill it out. Also it's backside needs a little more filler. I would love to do someting with the flat spots on the talons, but i'm at a loss for what to do.

May 04, 2009

Monster Mash

Latter on today I'm going to do something with this. He was part the model frenzy back in fall. Ever since... it's been waiting. Lurking on my desk. Just begging for some Green stuff. Forged from 5 spare Carnie-shells and 2 set of the "big" Scything talons.

After the all the glued dried. I broke out the files and painfully removed all the 'Nid Ridges off the talons and spires on it's back. It will "count" as my demon prince and hopefully scare the crud out of my opponents. There is one Giant eyball on the spawn spure...

May 03, 2009

Unknown Xenos pt. II

This one reminds me of some kind... strange wall-crawler. The model itself is a flipped over stealer torso with a spawn tail on the end. It's 4 legs are made out of rending claws and the head is a bit from the carni-sprue. Just one problem with this gribbly.

I'm not too sure... what to do with it? It could be a Hearld or could build 3 more... count them as one of the elite units from the Demon Codex. I keep meaning to build a list but so time.

Last nite... i was very tired, but could not sleep. Spent my last waking moments mindlessly "washing" the Warp Snakes. Inks are cool.

May 02, 2009

Unknown Xenos

Well here are some pics of my "count as" Flamers for the Hrud army. These two turned out allot different then the first one I made back in October.

The issue was simple, glue'd the heads down further along the torso. On the first one... it's angled up and then built the green on top of that. Just a that little detail.... turned them into hunchback monsters you see. Not the same but, it works for me.

The next pic is the frame work for the conversion. I found 4 more Kroot for the body and then add bitz from lizard range. Next some armor plates and a tail. Lastly broke off the poor Kroot's head and chopped off the spiky hair to form the spines on the back. Each one has been given a Third arm...which is simple theme used on the Hrud Warriors too. This withered arm is the one used to tear the fabric of space as they move between the warp and real space.

Now the green stuff.... a name and some back story for these buggers.

Last bit... I have become part of the FtW. blog sphere!
Thanks Mr. Ron.

May 01, 2009

Kermit the space frog

I was hope'n that I'd get a game in this week, but it did not happen...Oh well. Instead i just fooled around on the detail work on Fate Weaver and slaped a little paint on frog boy.