September 01, 2010

Grinding on that old to-do (aka being the hobby)

Just was looking over my models and getting back in gear after a short "I just moved" hiatus and I remembered that I had a to-do list that I made in January and decided to see how well I've done w/it. Today's notes in CAPITAL RED.

From my post in January:


This year I'll be sure to build and paint an additional 500 points of Mechanicus for my 'guard' army, as well as 200 points for my WE. (a fitting 2000 points of each) I've sold armies on E-Bay for years and I am keeping these. COMPLETE

As far as Space Hulk goes, I will painting the models to high standard and tossing the whole box on E-Bay (with Battlefoam). I don't have a need for it right now and it's taking up space in my life. (and GW announced it's not going to be 'limited', like they originally said it would be.) COMPLETE

I will construct and paint the Exodites that I've purchased and then make a decision on whether or not they will be sold. ON HOLD FOR DE BOOK (EDIT - GONE!)

I will also finish construction/painting on my Knight Titan and hopefully get going on his brothers-in-arms. ON HOLD FOR MORDHEIM

So basically I'm awesome and I do what I want. I found a new place to play near my house and the crowd there seems stellar. Watch out for some Mordheim shit soon! I'm playing in a Fantasy league starting tomorrow so I'll probably be posting about that a bit.

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