September 24, 2010

Warhammer Escalation League Pt.3

This is makes the last installment for my mini-league as we played out the last game on Thursday. The list were bumped up to 1250 and my Elves were struggling to make the jump. All I had left to add for units, were some lame Silver Helms. The moment, I set foot in the store, I realized that my efforts were in all vain. My competitors had shown up with strong units like Hydras, Giants, Minotaurs and all sorts of stuff.

Ya, know.... stuff that helps wins games.

This will be the very last time I show up at competitive event and try to play with a fluff army.  No more of that bullshit for me! I'm showing up with a entirely painted army, comprised of the best units that I can take. The Lizardman army featured in the pictures had a Old blood, Scar-veteran, Skink Priest, and don't forget the Steggie.

I'd like to say this game was fun, but it simply wasn't...

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