September 04, 2010

Happy Island of Blood day!!!

The long wait is finally over! Today the new Warhammer Starter box hits the shelves and 8th Edition is in full swing. I was one of the lucky guys, who got a box a day or so early. As you can see form the pictures, how I've been spending my free time. Everything is pretty much a work in progress, but after two days they are coming along nicely.

This half of the box will be the beginnings of a small High Elf army that I plan to paint up over the next month. However the master plan has hit a snag....I'm out of Devlan Mud. Doh!

Anyways have fun with all the cool minis! They are just awesome.


Anonymous said...

They look great! What colors did you use on them?

Larry said...

I started with a white primer coat and layered the Sephira wash for the Armour. Scaly green and blue wash make a very dark, but regal green. Allot of Devlan Mud to help build up the white.