September 07, 2010

Mordheim Rebuilt: 20 The last test game.

I thought we might get a chance to start up the campaign over the weekend, but Mr. Ilg didn't work on his Pirate Warband. So, once again, the Rozenritter had to face off against the deadly Shadow Warriors. I have refrained from posting up any of the previous games because...

1.We were still learning the relearning rules
2. I've gotten my ass kicked in every single game.

The very first game we played. My leader, along with two other henchmen were killed off and I've never really recovered. The history of our test games is littered with the bodies of many brave, but dead warriors. The only lose suffered by the Shadow Warriors was a clumsy Elf, who broke his neck falling off a building.

This was our 6th game, the last game was my best so far, (I still lost) with few of my heroes gaining skills, and my Marksmen gaining an increase to their Ballistic skill. The stage was set for a old fashion skirmish and revenge....

Schenkopp and his Rozenritters take the field as single group.

The lethal Shadow warriors split into teams before advancing on the city. 

 Elf-bear-pig leads the way.

The keen sighted archers take to the ground.

The Rozenritters stick close to the buildings wary of bow-fire. 

While on the flanks, the Marksmen take up firing positions.

The Elves waste no time and advance in full force. What shots the group could see missed and Rozenritters escaped unharmed.

Meanwhile, on the opposite flank the Marksmen exchange fire with the Elven leader and his cronies. In the end, it leaves one of my warriors stunned and knocked down off the bridge.

Elf-bear-pig and his kin continue to close the distance.

The rozenritters take up a defensive formation and ready themselves against the charge.

The calm before the storm.

In a crazy turn of events, the Marksmen blasts the Elf leader into the ground.

The skirmish becomes a grand melee. The elves decimate the battle line, but fail to take any of my warriors out of action. 

The Elven Mage quickly takes down poor Brittenfeild.

Chaos in the streets.

The rampaging mage is brought low by a Crossbow bolt.

The Rozenritter counter-charge only to meet heavy resistance. Schenkopp and Elf-bear-pig do battle, after a few rounds of combat, the mighty Elf is taken down by the mercenary leader.

Despite, winning most of the combats, the losses for the Shadow Warriors were beginning to mount up. As the humans showed now signs of mercy.

After such Heavy casualties, the Shadow Warriors lost the nerve to fight and flee into the city. Leaving the human mercenaries to celebrate their first victory.

After the battle, all my warriors recovered and made off with a decent haul for this adventure into the city of the dammed. Unfortunately, for the Shadow Elves, some wounds proved to be fatal. The leader of the group was killed, along with a couple of henchmen. With most of the Heroes out of action, the exploration phase was poor to say the least. That brings our test games to close and the real campaign ever closer.


zealot said...

One of the best reports I've read in years. Awesome battle and awesome victory.

Elf list is op anyways :p

Larry said...

Thanks you, sir. Paint up those rat-men and we'll play some games.
After all those Elfs, I'm ready to get kick around by the rats.