September 11, 2010

Island of Blood Update

Here are some pics of my 750 pt. army for last weeks game in the Escalation league. I'm not going to base any of the models until all the army is painted. As of right now, I have been slaving away a unit of spear-men for next weeks game. I'm not entirely sure, what I am going to do for the very last game, but I'm sure I'll figure out something.

I got really lucky in last game and managed to pull off a win against the Ogre Kingdoms. It was a tough fight, due to the fact, a special rule limited all shooting to half-range for the entire game.  However, my Sword-masters were keen on chopping up the Ogres and put in a stellar performance. So, with a lose and win each, it should put me in the dead middle of the standings for the league.

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