September 15, 2010

Random Wargames Pics.

I've been playing allot of games lately. For the most part, its has been Warhammer and a sprinkling of Mordhiem. So, here's a few of the pictures just for fun. The only game I'm missing pictures for is a 1k. Kin-strife between the Wood Elves and my freshly painted High Elves. It was one of them reserve games and "1's" were plentiful at the time... leaving most of my army off the table. The ambush that followed was swift and brutal.

This is from the Mordheim game that Z. and I play last night. The sinister Skaven made way into the city of the Dammed for the first time. The struggle that followed was won by the Rat-men. The Rozenritters have vowed revenge....

And finally,  my Escalation League from last Thursday. I won this game, but I felt kinda bad afterwards. We were both still new to 8th. Edition and things got screwed up more then once. Brent was great sport about everything, but it always bugs me when stuff happens. These are definitively not the kinda "wins" that you enjoy.

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