September 08, 2010

Warhammer Escalation League Pt.1

This past Thursday, Zealot and I got ourselves mixed up in a new Warhammer League. While Z would be fielding his trusty Wood Elves. I thought in the "spirit of the game" that I start up a new High Elf army. Why, may you ask? The reasons are simple, but three-folded.

1. The army is in the starter set. Also, the army also has one heck of a Battle Box making it very cheap money-wise to build up an army. The army also has expensive core choices meaning less models to paint.

2. Access to all the lore of Magics. That just happens to be one of my favorite parts of the game. So, this is big plus in my book. Not allot of armies have that kind of flexibility and will help keep things fresh.

3. Now here is the main reason, I want to make a High Elf army... no new book. That's right, I want to experience the power creep of 8th edition by using the very first release as form of bookmark. Sounds like a interesting experiment to me...

So, onto the first battle with my new models. It was against a nice chap, by the name of Jamie and his sinister Dark Elves. We were only playing 500 Pts. so, there's no need for great detail. It was fun game, I lost due to his constant dispelling of my Fire Mage. His Dark Elves made the long walk and chased off my forces in short order. Good times...

Any-hoo,  my only negative comment about the game is simply, Jamie claimed to be a Veteran of 10 years, but not a painted single model in sight. Just some dark green over the cloaks, some purple, but that was about it. This kind of behavior baffles me to no end. How can you can you push toy soldiers for over a decade and not have a painted army?!?

Not every army has to be a Golden Demon winner, but Damn, whatever happened to the three color standard? Well, the next League game is tomorrow and we bump up to 750. Looks like I've got some painting to do...

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