September 25, 2010

Return to Mordheim

Over the weekend the Rozenritters had the opportunity to continue their adventures in city of the dammed. I played a set of games against Mr. Watson's vile Beastmen. Here are just few pictures of the games.

Walter Schemkmoff leads the leads his men onwards deeper into the city. Rumors of a lost treasures strengthened everyone's courage after the disastrous encounter with the Skaven. They boldly headed toward the center of town.

Unknown to Walter and his men, a new group of hungry and brutal Beastmen had also heard the same whispers of lost riches. Under the eye of their savage leader, the hoard race across the city, searching the ruins, but all efforts was in vain.  

The beginning of the battle was a bloody one. A poor swordsmen was taken off guard by the hulking beasts and quickly smashed by the monster. Bother sides made visual contact in the town square. The Marksmen of the Rozenritters took aim, but the morning sun spoil most of the shots.


The herd wasted no time and engaging the enemy. Poor Brittenfeild met a tragic end at the hands of the rampaging beast, who killed the other warriors.  All across the square fights had broken out as man fought beast. The feral Shaman spoke his black words knocking most of the Black-lancers to the ground. All the while, Muller and Walter and the Beastlord stood face to face in mortal combat.

The day seamed lost for the Mercenaries, but for young Wolfgang, with his twin blades making fast work of the wicked Shaman and his minions. The sudden surge of causalities was all it took for the fiends to lose heart and run away. The lucky break came just in time, as the Beast-lord battled down Walter, only the bravery and blade of Muller saved the Captain from serious harm.

However, for the Beastmen, it was only a temporary withdraw. Later the Rozenritter would stumbled upon some shards of Wyrdstone. The fantastic find went sour fast. The monsters were lying in wait and the skirmish was brutal. Once the horde made contact, the Rozenritter withdrew to avoid any injury.

All in all, a great set of games with only a few minor set backs. The worst for me was losing three of my four spear men at the end of the second game.  The Beastmen got off light as well, and they ended up hording up gold for some future dark plans.


Ken said...

A terrific set of games! These pictures turned out great, and are only a small testament to how incredible the table looked. I can't wait for Gorgoroth's Beasts to square off, once again, with the Rozenritters.

Larry said...

I should have wrote down all the heroes names before you left. Doh!

More Mordheim the better...