September 29, 2009


Well for a first post, we'll have to start of with some Saurus. Whats not to like about these cold-blooded warriors? With a strength and toughness 4 and 2 attacks, for 11 points they act like most armies elite soldiers. The models themselves are easy to paint with a lot of texture all over. They are nice change of pace from your standard fantasy figs. I still have to finish the shields in the back ranks. Then the unit will be complete.


Sigmar said...

Hi Larry,

Excellent work on the scaly backs. Your choice of colours is great too. It's nice to see some different shields other than the normal green and the spines look cool.

Your unit should stand out nicely on the battlefield.

While I'm here I hope you don't mind if I invite you to join our Warhammer Fantasy forum. We are always on the lookout for keen "Hammerers", gamers, bloggers and painters. We're not that big, there's about 300 of us, but we run a very friendly forum.

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Keep up the excellent painting,
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Sigmar said...

BTW zealot and Larry,

I'm adding your site to my Warhammer blogroll. I think my blog visitors would be interested in seeing your site and your miniatures.

Keep up the good work guys,

noeste said...

Really like the colours you've choosen for their scales and skin, should make them stand out very well and in a good way at that!
The shields of the front ranks are coming along very nicely aswell, but I can't help but notice that you've given them steel-clubs. I'm not sure if it's still part of the fluff of Lizardmen, but in the older editions at least, they were said not to have figured out how to produce other metals than bronze and gold, and for their weapons they used either those metals or obsidian - very much like the native americans of Southern America back in the 14th century. Might be that they've changed that part of the fluff with the newest army book, though.
Just meant as a little heads up, in case you're a very fluff-caring person, and not meant as critisism. Again, the scales and unit as a whole's looking really great!

Larry said...

Thanks guys, I was tying to make 'em bright. Most of my 40k stuff is kinda dark. Your right about the swords and stuff, but I think that's what paint I had at the time. I put a link up for the battle reporter on my other blog, just to let ya' know.