September 23, 2009

Product Review: MaxMini Bits (guard/sm/traitors/etc)

I recently won some MaxMini bits from Santa Cruz Warhammer. They asked for some feedback so I thought I'd take a few pics of the pieces and post a little review. (though I don't see the bits as available on the site yet)

All of these pieces are on the higher end of the detail spectrum (definately high enough for 40k). The packs will find many uses for many a guard player but I'm partial on the horned gas-mask head (even if I did have to file down a chaos star and clip the horns to get it lookin how I wanted it).

The roman style heads are okay in my opinion, I'm sure someone will fancy them. They look like they could be used for some veterans or pre-heresy style stuff. The other 'marine' type heads are pretty cool. I really like the dual re-breather on the one. There's also a few traitor guard heads in there that I find to be not so thrilling, but once again that's just a matter of style-preference more than anything.

Here's a WIP shot of some skitarii I used the gas mask heads on..

Overrall 8.5/10 - Good job MaxMini!

Once again, thanks Santa Cruz Warhammer!

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