October 02, 2009

Apocalypse toys

Well the after the table... I am once again looking for a project. With all the Orky reinforcements it's time to give my Apocalypse toys a little attention. I built them awhile back, for the simple reason the Ork Kit-bashing is always a good time.

The Flying Rhino was built out of another $15 plane kit and few 40k bits for good measure. Its only seen action in two games and each time it was shot down. I was thinking of adding a few more missiles to the wings with a few more glyphs here and there.

The Skull Hamma is old Armourcast Baneblade. Over time, I lost the hull to the model and had to rebuilt the core back up Orky style. The front end is part of the old land raider kit. The back half sports the old battle wagon engine with a few extra grubbins. This job is a bit more involved then the plane, but the effort will be worth it.

Last, but not least my Gargant. Don't make fun of his stubby little guns. He's very sensitive. The whole shoulder section and it's armaments need redone as they make the model look stunted. The backside suffers form running out of steam at the end project. This guy is definitely for last... as I need a plan/bitz to tackle this monster.

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