September 17, 2009

Nobz and a List

All that is left now... 8 measly BR. Boys. It seems that this wave of reinforcements is coming to a end. Over the past week I've painted up over 30 new models for the Horde. I'm good with infantry for awhile. There a few other ork projects, I could get into but it's all for Apocalypse.

Da' list 1,200 pts.

Mek with Kustom Fld. and Evy armour. 90 pts.

20 Shoota- 2 big shoota- with nob P. Klaw and B.pole. 170 Pts.

20 Slugga -with Nob, P. Klaw and B. pole. 130 Pts.
2 units for 260 pts.

8 Loota's- 130 pts.
2 units for 260 pts.

12 Storm Boys with Nob, P. Klaw and boss. pole. 184 Pts.

3 Kans with Rokkits and Rigga's-165 pts.

If I wanted to make the list competitive. The Kans are gone, and end up with some koppta's and maybe an extra stormboy. So, we have 89 boys and 3 mini dreads on the table. I'm a bit worried that the storm-boys mob may be a to small. Units of 12 "truck boys" tend to run away allot! Why should the storm boys be any different?

The Loota's will demand attention, as always so maybe that will take some of the heat off. The Kans need some game time and they fit the theme. Usually my Orks are Speed freak flavored, moving 70 or so models every turn will feel like my Nids.


Ken Watson said...

A huge army of foot-sloggers is kind of scary. Would require a lot of firepower. Can you say Eldar?

Larry said...

I've played the list once... Oh boy! Was there allot of orkss to move around each turn. I'll never take Kans again. All the Stg. 5 and 6 running around with the gurd, wiped em right off the board.