September 26, 2009

No painting this week

Just a quick post on the project that popped out of no where. Over here, we have been mighty busy trying to put together a game board. Something a a little different then your standard "green" or "city" tables. Oh, the joys of making your own Home-made terrain. This just happens to be one the best part of the hobby and the cheapest. After toiling endlessly on models. It's a nice break to paint something bigger then a inch high mini. The effort has been broken down into four phases of construction. The first and second phases are complete. While I'm carving up the the Third part today. After a bit of paint... I'll put of some pictures.


Shelexie said...

Just wanted to drop a note - I just found your blog and I am loving it. I also paint Lizardmen and just recently acquired orks so I will be visiting your site more often. Great writing and pics! Thanks =)

Larry said...

thanks for taking a time to check out the blog! Glad to hear about the green skins. One the best armies for converting and painting.