September 06, 2009

Orks v. Space Marines

The game shaped up to be a 1,200 point conflict. Orks vs. the Space Marines in Dawn of War with a Kill point Objective. I won the first turn and decided to create a fire Base around the building. The Orks in turn set up out of range of most of my weapons or hid behind the buildings out of my line of sight. I did not have a good feeling about this one from the start...

The game was very intense and allot of fun. Mr. Watson played the orks in excellent orky fashion. The plan was brutally cunning and he pulled it off in spades. By the the mid game I had written this one off. In the Orks 3rd turn, they pulled off 4 charges and completely overrun my both my flanks. More then once did I sit there helpless, as Ork Mobs counted up fists full of dice

The only thing that save me from a complete stomping was a timely charge by one of my combat squads, in the second turn, to tie up the frisky storm-boys. The combat was a draw and blocking off the the Nob bikers from turning the corner and smashing my middle. The battle lasted long enough to grab the shoota mob's attention lessening the attack in the center.

The Ork wave crashed into my defenses and loses started to mount. During the Charge o' Rama Phase of the game. I lost all 5 Terminators and 2 of my combat Squads in the same assault phase. The shining moment, was my command squad decided to be tough and save all the wounds caused by the Nob Squad. While my own power fist scored 2 big wounds. They were able to turn the tide and kill off the last of the bikers. The War-boss took for safety of the cover.

I should have not won this game. It's that simple. I was out-flanked and overwhelmed by the horde. The lack of Power Klaws is what cost Mr. Watson the game. The mobs did not have the hammer to put the nails in the coffin ... so they say. I started the game with 30 Tactical marines... only 13 survived to tell the tale. Unfortunately for the Orks, all my luck came in a single shooting phase after the beating in the 3rd Turn. The fire fight managed to send off the last of the horde.

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Ken Watson said...

It was a terrific game. Larry said it correctly in that I needed Power Klaws in a few of the Ork mobs, particularly the Nobz mob on bikes, to really do some damage. Big Choppa's just don't cut it. Rookie mistake.

He was also correct in that the charge by his Tactical Squad of my Stormboyz was huge: it delayed my Nobz mob on Bikes by a turn (and resulted in a loss of one of them by shooting the next turn), as well as saved the Tactical Squad he had in the buildings because they were the intended target of the Stormboyz.

I didn't think he would pull it off, either, but I greatly underestimated the durability of Space Marines. The Orky wave crashed hard on them, but it rolled back, and the Marines came out limping but alive.

My Warboss will have his revenge...