May 02, 2009

Unknown Xenos

Well here are some pics of my "count as" Flamers for the Hrud army. These two turned out allot different then the first one I made back in October.

The issue was simple, glue'd the heads down further along the torso. On the first one... it's angled up and then built the green on top of that. Just a that little detail.... turned them into hunchback monsters you see. Not the same but, it works for me.

The next pic is the frame work for the conversion. I found 4 more Kroot for the body and then add bitz from lizard range. Next some armor plates and a tail. Lastly broke off the poor Kroot's head and chopped off the spiky hair to form the spines on the back. Each one has been given a Third arm...which is simple theme used on the Hrud Warriors too. This withered arm is the one used to tear the fabric of space as they move between the warp and real space.

Now the green stuff.... a name and some back story for these buggers.

Last bit... I have become part of the FtW. blog sphere!
Thanks Mr. Ron.

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