May 25, 2009

Squidmen assemble

This is it gang! This past Sat. nite... I stayed up way too late and spent the time knee deep in green putty. With files in hand... the Hrud Warriors finally have appeared and taken shape. Got all the squid head's done.... all ten! With the add bonus of finishing all face tendrils. I'm 5 Kilts and 30 Hair Tendrils away from finishing the squad.

Now i did take a bunch of pics as i did the work, but my camera skills are not in the same league as my putty. So... most turned out crummy... I will fix that in the next day or so.

They last picture is random. The infestation has grown.... time to paint.
Real squids wear skrits.

1 comment:

Andy said...

They look truly gruesome, and your skill with green stuff is excellent.
Well worth the late night!