May 29, 2009

Green stuff is Shiny.

More Hrud Monster mayhem! Hopefully, I will get some paint on these guy this weekend. I hope... the work has stalled a bit for one reason or the other... this week. Distractions where left and right. I will paint this group over the next two days. It must happen as the old ones are waiting. I really did try to take some pictures of the all the finished Hrud warriors, but the darn putty keeps reflecting the flash. It's time to just throw on the base coat... see if that helps it or not. They do have allot of green stuff on them.

So.... I built this thing. I don't know... if i like it yet? Mr. Ilg commented that it looked like a Nid! Which took me by surprise. Mr. Z, thinks it should hover over the ground in some way. It had a horn, I broke it off. It was kinda puny. So... I'll dwell on this one while painting.

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