May 21, 2009

It needs a Name...

Not much to say... other then the base needs done. I could go over it with a black wash and darken up some of the recesses. I was also thinking about putting the flame effect onto it's feet as they look sorta plain.
I like it... so just may call it quits for now.
Get work on the last of the green stuff on the Warriors.

This monster will "Count as" Fate Weaver for sake of the game. The reason is very simple on the why. Both it's special rules are a great bonus/flaw that adds some flavor to army and how it plays. Tough yet skittish squid monsters.

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Ken Watson said...

That is one of the coolest conversions that I've ever seen. You showed it to me last time I was down, but now that it's painted, I'm kind of blown away. Good work.