May 07, 2009

I made a List...

Okay, as things narrow down on the construction side. I still have allot of sculpting and 10 Warriors to go... I finally took the time to make out the army list for my lil' ole' monster army. It's been stuck back in head... it was just the matter of little math.

At 1,500.


10 Horror's with bolt of Tzeencth.

10 Horror's with Bolt and changeling.

12 Plague Bearers with Icon

5 Flamers with the Bolt.

D. Prince of Z. with Iron Hide, master of sorcery, Bolt and Breath of change.

I can whittle here and there to make an Nice round 1,000. I think/hope.

After all that I have around 400 pts to play around with. I think one more D. Prince would be keen and plan on build one soon any way... still after that it leave me with around 200 pts. For one more solid unit.

I hear Blood Crusher are... Okay, and/or maybe some fiends! I could be real *BLEEP* and build a few Heralds of Slannesh to start drag-in' my enemy around. One the other hand Gamer-side of me knows this army needs one more troop choice to make it dead hard... i just really wanna make something cool.Enter Bug man or the Changling.... this is what i've been foolin around with while crab monsters's green has to dry. Bitz and glue are a terrible mix...

On the Game side... i get my second chance Vrs. the New Gurd Codex soon. I is a bit ascared!

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