May 14, 2009

Test Model and Army List

I'm pretty sure this what we are going to throw down at 1,000. It's tough and compact. By no means is this tested in battle, but something tells me that Fate Weaver at that points level is wrong. Down side... I have alot of points tied up in just 2 units. Hmmm...

Depending on my mood... always the option of splitting the Horrors to gain the extra scoring unit. Only need to make and paint about half dozen or so models to put on the this list wins as it will lead to the quicker game. Thats is good.

10 Horrors with bolt and the changeling--185.

10 Plague Bearers with Icon.--190.

Fate Weaver-- 333.

D. Prince with Mark of Z. Soul Eater, Bolt of Change/ D. Gaze. Master of S. and Iron Hide.--210.

2 Blood crushers --80.

I finally sat down to assemble the warriors and started on my blood crusher test model. Never get to 1,500 with out a second unit of squid monsters! The project is finally turning at the corner... Just a little more work.

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