May 11, 2009

My Thoughts on the New Gurd Book.....

First of all... I would like to stay on the topic of the secretive Hrud.

Instead of going on about Psykic Choirs or Poison spitting tanks. Don't even get me started about the New plastic Flying bases. No... instead, I'll talk a wee bit... about the fluff inside the book. Well... if you have read the Noteworthy list of battles in the new Guard book, it seems Ole' Mr. Creed had our number and put our kind in even further decline.

This is only a insult compared to the mortal wound dealt to us by that blasted thrice dammed Eldrad! It seems any time some random 40k Smecial Character needs to kick butt... my Hrud are the First in line. Now... I know how Squats feel.

Geez... can't wait for commander Hot-stuff of the Tau Empire to Blast us off some forgotten asteroids Or the newest Dark Elf sadistic half-necked she-beast to eat our poor souls.

Hmmm...?I'll get you Creed... and your little Krell too!

The blurry pics are of my 10 Hrud warriors who escaped the cleansing of the Imperial Crusade. I want one more unit of 10, but rather put off at the moment.

All the green stuff on the other models has taxed my brains. As you can see somewhere under all that putty was a Ghoul model from the new Counts range. I took all the left over Fleshborers from my Gaunts. Add one Kroot barrel on the gun and few armor plates.
Then Green stuff... allot of it!
I need to build 10 more...
I need to build 10 more...
I need da... Uuuggh.

Guess, I need to take better Pictures too.
Ya' thought you were gonna read about Marbo!

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