November 13, 2009

Xenos Scum

I never figured out a name for this ugly thing. I've been painting it, while working on the ladies and they are taking forever. This Lovecraft nightmare, counts as the Changeling in my Hrud/Demon army.

W.a.C's like to talk about stuff that breaks the game.
Stop right here!

For 5 points and single failed leadership test. I get to shoot you with your own units! All I gotta do is see the unit and be in my 24" range. What else does that? My little monster has been responsible for all sorts of terror for my opponents.


Raptor1313 said...

That is a freakish little thing. I approve it it, especially for the Changeling.

As for the Changleling on the tabletop...if you're going to bring Horrors? Find 5 points for the guy. He's not super-reliable, but MAN if he goes off, it's freakin' sweet.

zealot said...

Yeah, real sweet. :<