October 31, 2009

High Noble on Forest Dragon Pictures

Finally got around to gettin this guy to a nice standard, though I may go back at some point and work on him a little bit more. On this piece I further developed my style of colored source-lighting and I'm pretty happy with how it worked. Check out his load-out, followed by some pictures.

571 Highborn riding a Forest Dragon
Light Armour, Enchanted Shield, Stone of the Crystal Mere
Spear, Bow of Loren & Arcane Bodkins

(I'm thinking the Bow of Loren / Arcane Bodkins combo should help me deal with heavy calvary on turn one.)


Shrink to Fit said...

Army shot! I demand it (or request politely).

zealot said...

Haha I knew that was coming! I thought about it today. :)

I'll shoot one tomorrow, along with some better close-ups of the noble.