November 23, 2009

40k Top Bloggers

I decided to share 5 of my favorite blogs with my readers as well as explaining why they're 'Top Bloggers'.

Santa Cruz Warhammer - John and Mike at Santa Cruz Warhammer have a real love for the hobby and it shows! They regularly give back to the community with free give-away's (one of which I won) and have great models to-boot.

From the Warp - Ron's great attitude about the different aspects of the hobby is very straight-forward and well thought out. (much like his projects) I like Rogue Trader Fridays, Ron's tutorials are great, and I'm always finding new blog to follow! With the semi-recent addition of a few guest authors this blog has growth in all areas. His blogger group now boasts "over 400 members" so definately "take a minute and see what's new."

Going on Campaign - This site seems to be at the forefront of campaigning for 40k. I could tell you all about the maps, markers, tokens, and campaign styles but it's simply something you'll have to take in yourself.

The Vanus Temple - Not only does this blog boast some of the coolest Deathwing models I've ever seen but the layout is simply gorgeous. Always a blast to read if you're into all the aspects of the hobby.

DEI GRECI - Described as an "Airmobile Imperial Guard Regiment for Warhammer 40,000", this blog features a project of immense proportion: an 'Athena Steampunk Airship'. Think huge and detailed. This guy carves plasticard for days.

Don't feel excluded if I follow your blog but you didn't make this list! It's not a definitive top 5, just stuff I'm enjoying lately.


Col. Corbane said...

Cheers for the plug mate.

Drathmere said...

I follow the same set!

RonSaikowski said...

Thanks for having me.
It's nice to know that others are able to take from FTW and improve their hobby experience.

Dezartfox said...

Thanks for the linky and nice comments!

zealot said...

np Corbane, I also follow Corbania Prime :)

SC John said...

not sure how I missed this til now, but thanks!

Santa Cruz Warhammer