November 09, 2009

Dark Elves 1850

My dark elf list... Please note that when I started the army, I bought the models that I liked, before the internet could tell me otherwise. The list is set at 1850, but if you add it up, it's a little short. I'm still not sure if I want a unit of cold one knights or if I want to try out two smaller units of Witches and Executioners? That will be a game-day decision.

The overall plan seems to be for the army to move in mass while the range units clear the path. Dark riders should be deployed together to threaten one of the flanks. The Manticore is held back to counter-charge the dragon. Hopefully the beast will do some damage and if I'm lucky take the monster down after softening it up with the bolters. The sorceress goes with the spear unit along with the assassin. I'm really geeked to play with this guy! He's got 5-8 poison attacks that always strike first. If I wanted, I could add on the killing blow ability and really scare some wood elves.

25 Warriors -215
Shields and full command
War banner

5 Dark riders -117
Cross bows
2 units for 234

10 Cross bow warriors -100

1 Cold one chariot -100

2 Bolt Thrower -200

1 Cheesy Hydra -175

Dread lord -400
With Manticore, Caldor's bane and Armour of Darkness

L2. Magic lady with Tome of Furion-150

Assassin -121
Extra hand weapon and Rune of khaine

Any thoughts?


noeste said...

Never buy a model you won't enjoy to paint and look at afterwards, I say! The collecting-part of the hobby is at least to me very important - and nothing's more fun than to see the units the internet label as "not worth getting", actually perform in battle (rare as it might be..)

Your War Hydra's looking great, really like how the red and orange blend together, while the blue tongues makes for a nice and fitting contrast. I think the handlers would look slightly better with dark red boots instead of black, as they look a bit too dark to my taste - at least next to the great Hydra!
If the rest of your army's to the same standard, I can't wait for more pictures!

As to your list, I'm not the right one to ask, I don't have a Dark Elf army myself, and havn't fought them in 7th edition.

Larry said...

The more I look at the pic, the handlers are bit dark, maybe i should give 'em some "Hydra boots".

noeste said...

I'd say give it a try - if it doesn't work, black's always easy to paint on top of it!

Best of luck with it, hope to see more Elves soon!

zealot said...

Yeah, red on the boots seems right.

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