November 09, 2009

Now I remember why i hate Warhammer...


Two for one, is motto of the mounted unit.

Sure it's only one model in the game but, my paint brush doesn't see it that way. This thought popped back up in my mind, while I was touching up the dark riders. If they weren't so incredibly awesome on the table. I probably wouldn't have ever bothered.

However during my dark elf research putting the army together. I discovered that they are a staple. So i made two units out of the Glade Rider box sets and some DE torsos. For the touch ups, I fuddled around with the horses and did up the cloaks. This strong dislike for the horses, explains my attraction to the rat-men and the bearded folk.


zealot said...

uh oh... it seems our momentum is back full swing.. prolly just that time of the year.

looking good. thanks for reminding what kind of bullshit it is to paint those models while im painting those models. :D

Tristan said...

Look into staining to paint large single colour models like horses. Black undercoat, drybrush pure white and then give a couple coats of a brown wash.