July 19, 2011

Mordheim Madness

The City of the Dammed has been overrun by the vile Skaven and the only thing stopping them is the Brave men of the Empire. Under ash choked skies, the factions of the Old World battle for glory and domination over the lost City.

Early skirmish reports, tell the tale of victory for the Mutilator and his minions. In a desperate fight around the Forgotten Tomb, the overwhelming numbers of Rat-men were the undoing of Walter and his Mercenaries. The reward was rich one as the Skaven chased off their beaten foes. A  Incredible bounty of Wyrdstone was the prize, fueling future hopes of Skaven glory.

In the aftermath, despite the rich haul of loot, the seer of the Skaven war band was gravely injured and must spend time healing the wound. While the Empire with it's numerous wounded warriors made out of rather well without loss or other setback. Now each side stands poised to battle once more in The City of the Dammed. 


Tristan said...

Your Mordheim board is beyond adjective. Love all the photos, please continue!!

Larry said...

There will be more games or at least that's the plan.

zealot said...

Tristan, we got a few more games in! I'm sure we'll have pics up soon we've really been enjoying mordheim and will most likely play it a lot more this summer