September 15, 2011

Worst. Blog. Ever.

What else can be said for the lack of activity that’s occurred over the summer?

I’m not going to waste time with excuses.... The best part about the hobby is when you take a break, no matter how long; everything will be there when you get back from hobby holiday. Besides, the internet seemed just fine during my absence.

Sure, the paints may be a little dry out and you can’t find the glue, but ya’ gotta start somewhere! Let’s begin with something small and see where the inspiration takes us.

Mr. Z really wants to start heading down to the LGS to drum up some 40k games. Not that big of deal, but it seems they play bigger games in that neck of the woods. The Dark Eldar sit close the 2k mark, yet the list leaves much to be desired. It’s not really even a list, more like everything that I have painted and some extra gear. Just a few more units would fill out the ranks nicely and make the army stronger.

The other side project is some new terrain pieces for the Mordheim table. The summer campaign that I had wished for never happened, (I blame myself) but that’s not going to stop me from giving some more love to one of my favorite games.

So I'm going to make some new lists, build some models, paint them, and continue to lose miserably... while blogging about it all for your enjoyment!


Well hey we did get some games in though didn't we? And we have warbands ready to go now, should the interest spark in some new players. After we paint up the rest of this terrain we should get another game or two in before we dive into this 2k 40k malarkey :p
- mr editor zealot

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