May 19, 2011

Zealot's trade/sale post yay

Soooo.. things are kinda tight around here so I decided I'm gonna sell/trade some stuff to make things easier on myself and free up some more precious space in my small apartment. :D I can consider trades if you have skullz promo mechanicus models or anything mechanicus from the rogue trader era. I'm accepting offers via email zealot (at) gmail . com (pics below list) Paypal is my preferred/only method of payment.

Here's what I've got:
  • Box of old nurgle randomness - 3 metal bodies and 1 plastic body w/assorted bits and some bases (new)
  • 10 old metal cultists (new)
  • all the extra sprues/bits from my wood elf army in a box
  • brand new gale force nine plyers and files - never used them just sat around
  • a bag of gw flying bases
  • random flagellants on round bases (painted) (penal legion or mechanicus stand ins)
  • mystic/sage henchman (painted)
  • 2 heavy bolter servitors (painted)
  • 7x stormtrooper. 2 have plasma guns and one has plasma pistol/boltgun/auspex (painted)
  • inquisitor w/book model (bolter clipped off and gone in the warp) (painted)
  • 2x praetorian lascannon blisters (new in box)
  • praetorian guard blister (2 troopers) (new in box)
  • col shaffer (new in box)
  • highly converted techmarine on a bike w/all wargear and *adjustable* wheelie (painted)

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zealot said...

all of this stuff is still available!