April 25, 2011

Space Marine Test Model Pt. 2

Instead of me fooling around with more test models, I decided to sit down and paint up one of the Magnet Marines. As wisely suggested, I took pictures at different angles this time around, so you can see the whole mini. 

I must admit this single model was quite a pain in my @$$. The Magnets would spin around, so my answer was to glued them in place with the tiniest dab of glue on the joints.  Later I would drop it and the most of the Magnets popped out super glued the arms and not the torso.

Despite the set-backs, I finished out the model. For the most part, I’m pretty pleased with how it looks. It would take a long time to build up an entire army this way, but I think the effort would equal the reward. Now I just have to paint up his other set of war-gear and we can call this model finished.


Mordian7th said...

I like it! The various metal shades all tie together nicely, and the overall effect is suitably dark and moody. Looking forward to seeing more!

Ken said...

Very nice! The color scheme works well and the pose is very cool. Where did you find a Mark 6 helmet? Old school; I like it!

Larry said...

Thanks guys! It will take forever but I think that I'm up to the challenge.

zealot said...

He probably has tons of those things,, Larry's bitboxes are the stuff of legends. I've pulled out rogue trader bits before!